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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake Master cylinder

Is there any way other than destruction to remove the nylon bush from the dual line master cylinder?

Alternatively... if the washer is NOT underneath it on re-assembly is that a huge problem..? (Don't ask...)


Simon Fryer

If there is, I didn't find it. I ended up drilling holes in it and removing in four pieces.
Dave O'Neill 2

Bummer - guess it's another new seal kit then...

Simon Fryer

there is whats called a spiral have to use a jewlers screw driver...or a eye glass screw driver and catch the lip of the washer, then you wind the screw driver around and the spiral washer will just "sprial" off ( thus the name ) with the tip of the screw driver....when removed it sorta looks like a slinky toy

if the washer is NOT underneath it on re-assembly is that a huge problem..? (Don't ask...)

The short answer....Absolutly!!!

Truthfully I ddont know, but this is such a serious part, that influences life, death and expensive repairs if screwed up...I cant advise taking short cuts, and jerry rigging with a master clyinder...carb needles, aftermarket gauges, rusted floor pans ...sure, But MC thats just to risky even with vagas odds...If lucas intended for a washer to be present, id make sure the washer is there as designed.

Prop....I jerry rig just about everything

Thanks - I suspected that there was no way out but honesty, so will bite the bullet and redo it...

Simon Fryer

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