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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake Master Cylinder Replacement?

After replacing the rear brake cylinders on a 75 midget along with the front calipers and bleeding several times, I have been unable to get rid of the last bit of air in the system.

Next step was to either replace the seals in the master cylinder or purchase a new one. Moss now have the replacement tin can ones for
Tim Lynam

does your early 1500 have the tandem dual-circuit m/cyl or the single line system carried over from the late 1275s?
If the latter then it's a very easy job to replace the seal etc. If the former, they are a 'mare.
David Smith

It's the single line system, so hopefully straight forward?
Tim Lynam

replacing seals is easy. all you need is circlip pliers.

the only problem that may arise is if the bore is scored. if so, its scrap.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Yes, although actually removing the unit from the car to work on does require small spanners and fingers. After removing the clevis pin and setting the pushrod to one side use a 1/4" drive socket set from that side with a ring or OE to hold the bolt head on the cylinder side.
David Smith

Thanks for the replies which are a great help.
Tim Lynam

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