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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake Master Cylinder Resleeved

master cylinder had my dual line master brake cylinder re-sleeved last week. Today, I put it back on the car and the front brakes could be bled smooth & easy. Nice long, smooth brake pedal strokes plus plenty of fluid out the bleeder screws on the front calipers. However, NOTHING comes out either of the rear wheel cylinders
Mike Pelone

congrats on the resleeve,

you might research the brass bias valve, it may need resetting or repair if the O rings have parrished

Also look to the manual, I think you have to bleed the brakes from furthest out 1st working inward...

if no fluid can be pushed thur by other means then the new master to the rear may need a new hose as they can look good outside but be collapsed on the inside

I wish I could offer more But I dumpped my brake system several years ago and never regretted not looking back

but others will be able to help


The Haynes manual says to bleed the back brakes first, on the dual-line system.
David Smith

I use part of old bike inner tube: one end sealed; other attached to m/c filler with jubilee clip; and pump a couple of psi into it until fluid emerges.

Make sure m/c is full of fluid at start and beware of letting too much fluid escape at the other end in case you empty the m/c.

Use this on brakes and clutch...

Anthony Cutler

This thread was discussed on 02/08/2010

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