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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake pedal stays down

Can any of you experts help please.

'65 midget MK2 - Single Master Cyl
When I press the brake pedal, it doesn't return but only moves back up about an inch. I can put my foot under the pedal and pull it back up, but when braking again the same thing happens.
The brakes apply OK and hold and then when the pedal is pulled back up, they release OK as well.
The clutch works with no problems.

Should I be looking:
1) Front brakes
2) Master cyl
3)Combination of both

I think / hope that it's the front brakes, but I'd appreciate any input from your experience.


first I'd look at the pedal box - the pedals are notorious for siezing on the shaft, your symptoms could be the early stages of partial siezure.
David Smith

I just had exactly what you described for the reason that David describes. The clutch pedal was free and the brake wasn't coming back. It was siezed onto the shaft
G Lazarus

Me too! But in my case the clutch seized on the shaft. For this to happen the fulcrum pin has to turn so have a look for that happening. Not the most accessible.
G Williams

I hadn't even looked at that.

Sunshine, heat and crawling about in the footwell, what more could a man want.

Thanks all

If you have a dual cylinder master cylinder you will find that you are unable to withdraw the bolt at a body flange gets in the way. That leaves you with the prospect of undoing several bolts and raising the whole pedal box to remove the bolt. In the past I have eased the flange with an angle grinder just enough to remove the bolt. It only needs relieving on the bolt head side.
Alan Anstead

What about wornout brake hoses that have collapsed inside....would that create this situation?

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Try the pedal seized on the shaft first
G Lazarus

I find it easier to work in the footwell if I remove the steering wheel!

My pedal was so badly seized I had to cut through the fulcrum pin inorder to get it free of the pedal box and then hammer the remaining pin back through the bearing!
G Williams

Good info on shaft seizures, will be sending up a little lube every spring.
Bob Ketcham

Just to update and to thank you all, as it was indeed the pedal and shaft.
It's something that I can now keep a watchfull eye on.

THanks for confirming that Graham. I suspect it might be quite common. I think mine had seized a good 12 months before it became obvious. I had a sort of "spring rubbing" noise for a long time which it turned out, was the noise of the head of the fulcrum pin turning in the pedal box. Having caused no obvious problems for a long time it suddenly decided not to play ball anymore and the clutch pedal became very slow to lift behind my foot, accompanied by clutch slip.
G Williams

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