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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake pipe fittings spec

I need to nip into the local Minor specialists to have a length of brake pipe made up for my 1971 Sprite. What should I ask for in terms of end fittings and type of flare? The pipe will run from the Master Cyl to the multi-way connector on the wheel arch. Are they likely to be the same spec as used on Minors?
G Williams (Graeme)

Hi Graeme,

The fittings you need are male, 3/8-24, and they have a 3.5mm length of unthreaded portion at their tip.

Do not try to use SAE fittings threaded all of the way to the tip because those won't seal correctly, and do not try to use metric fittings with metric thread because they will seem "close enough" but will leak.

The flare is called a bubble flare, and can be made using a DIN double flare tool, but the last step is skipped.

The tubing is 3/16" diameter.

Regarding the male fitting at your multiway connector, the PWDA equipped (later) cars used 7/16-20 for the front brake tubes attached to it, so double check what yours has before you make up the new pipe.

Norm Kerr

Norm: do UK cars and USA cars have the same fittings? I don't see why they don't but in the back of my mind it rings a bell. Proabably just got the wrong idea somewhere down the line.
G Williams (Graeme)

Isnt it a double bubble flare? I just had a similar conversation with Mackay on a triumph clutch fitting TR6. After we started discussing the issue we were having I wasnt as sure about my thoughts.
Steven Devine

UK cars didn't have PWDA - or is it PDWA - until about 1978
Dave O'Neill2

Hi guys,

The fittings on MGs are the same on cars destined for both sides of the pond, but without the PWDA/PDWA the size of the one at the multiway connector might be different (probably it is the same fitting as the one at the master cylinder, the smaller, 3/8-24 one).
Graeme, probably the difference you are thinking of is the cars built over here, by American car companies, they did use a differently shaped fitting, which is threaded all of the way to the end and is not interchangeable. There are images displaying that difference in the link below.

regarding the flare, here is a link to a website explaining each:

The bubble flare for male fittings is the second one.
The double flare for the female fittings (where the flex hoses at each wheel are connected to the hard piping) is the first one.
You make the first one by doing both steps of making a flare with the flaring tool, and you make the second one by doing only the first step.

Ignore the "AN" flare information shown at the bottom, it is only for very special joints that are not present on our cars.

Norm Kerr

Norm: I get the feeling that it's just the terminology that differs.
Could you check that link you gave - it's coming up page not found. THanks Norm.
G Williams (Graeme)

It usually takes me 4 trys to get 1 good flare with the tools I have. Theyve got a nice one...
Thanks for posting the link!
Steven Devine

Found it Norm! (don't know why link doesn't seem to work - the webpage I found has same address)
G Williams (Graeme)

I had the same problem Greame! The tool to do the work is pricey but I havent seen another way to solve fixing brake lines other than buying them.
Steven Devine

The fitting for the MC is a bit#h for sure...I used the orginal fitting on the new pipe

When it comes to flaring get what you pay for.. I spent $12 at harbor freight and got $12 dollars flares that cracked and leaked....I went to a professional plumbing supply store and purchased a $90 flaring kit and now get 1st time perfect flares

Or could just scrap the entire brake system in favor of braided stainless steel lines on AN fittings and a 3 MC in place of the old lucas system plus MGB calipers with spitefire drilled and slotted rotors and over sized MGB V8 ceramic pads

If you cant stop with that, no need to even apply force to the peddle

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