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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake Pressure Switch

This is a comparison of the brake pressure differential switch on my 1972 midget 1275cc. Not leaking but my investigation was prompted by producing only minimal brake fluid from the rear wheel cylinders after replacing my brake master cylinder. Anyway, here is the problem. New switch is bright white and checks out O.K. when using my meter versus the old switch which does not create a circuit when brass plunger is pushed into the switch body. Definitely an internal problem.

Original was an easy removal from the brass housing

Mike Pelone

And here is another picture of the switch sizes...

Mike Pelone

Rebecca Harvey (R HARVEY) had the same problem, extensively discussed about two months ago. Don't remember what she found out. Clearly a wrong part from big M, might call them and see if they got their info straight yet. The OE switch does not make contact between the two terminals, it makes contact between them and ground through the brass plunger. The other switch is for something different, Triumph perhaps, which use a different system. Do not remove the shuttle, as that will cause the good circuit to bypass into the dead side, making the tandem cylinder useless. Since you have the old switch, just put it back and leave the wire off.

FR Millmore

FR Millmore:

Since discretion is the better part of valor - I will take your suggestion and just replace the original switch since it is NOT leaking. The upside to this whole affair is that now I better understand the mechanical aspects of the safety design of the brass pressure switch after cracking open all of the inlet / outlet lines, etc.

For others that might have a similar problem - here is a link I found that provides some decent background plus the identification of the wiring pins behind the dashboard switch...

My indicator light has never come on - but that is because the "purple" feed wire from the center console was cut off by the Previous Owner, plus the door switches & interior convenience light have been disconnected. At the moment, I want to solve the master cylinder problem before I start a re-wiring project lying on my back! Thanks for the comment...

Mike P.
Buffalo, NY
Mike Pelone

This thread was discussed on 27/08/2010

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