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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake problem

I've just dragged the midget out of the garage screaming (me not the car,) as the brakes go on no problem, but don't release at all, unless I put my foot under the pedal and pull it up again. Next application of the brakes, the same result.

Am I looking at getting a new master cylinder ?

'65 Mk II Midget

It could be the same problem that Gary had yesterday - pedal seizing on the shaft.

Look on the 'general' side under "Some niggly problems sorted on the frog yesterday"
Dave O'Neill2

Yes, I was braces for a master cylinder replacement but was so relieved to find such a simple reason for the sticking brakes. The clutch pedal was completely free even though the brake pedal was seized tight onto the pedal box bolt/rod.
G Lazarus

Also worth trying a new spring. I was surprised how much difference it made when mine was slow returning.

T Mason

The bushing is just a 1/2" oil soaked bronze bushing pressed into the tube, for the pedal to rotate around.

You can take it apart and either clean up the bushing (and de-rust the long bolt that holds it all together), and lube everything real well, or you can press in new bushings (readily available because they are such a standard size).

Some folks have gone to the trouble of adding a grease nipple on the housing to allow lubrication later. However, a well lubricated, cleaned up assembly, ought to last at least as long as it lasted the first time before it needs lubricating again (somewhere north of 40 years).


Norm Kerr

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