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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake Replacement Again!

Hi All,

Well I am working through my brakes again!

I had to change the two front nearside cylinders as one was sticking and refusing return, causing the drum to look like the picture attached!. Wasn't noticeable on the road though, only when I looked at the wheel and noticed it was black on the inside.

Now looks like I may have to replace the rear cylinders too as both sides are binding, the car pulls to the left at the back under heavy braking as well.

Is there a easy solution to get the best out of the standard frogeye rears? The fact that you rely on them sliding to work properly is not the best,

Obviously I think greater use would probably help keep everything in good order!

Hope you're all well!


R Williams

I see you have nice new brake drums fitted. It might be worth checking the fit of them relative to the wheel studs and hub as the new ones I had - from both Moss and A H Spares, were both such a loose fit they were free to rattle about on the hub making concentric braking ('twixt shoes and drum) impossible.I ended up taking them back and putting the originals back on. Suggest you slacken off the adjusters a tad and remove the retaining screw - and then check if the drum is able to move clockwise/anticlockwise up/down relative to hub center. It should of course be an interference fit, so any eccentricity will give you uneven braking.

Hi Fergus,

They all fit rather well with very little free movement, broadly the same as the originals on the car.

I think the rears were still the original as they had a July 58 date stamp inside, but had been skimmed oversize so had to go.

Didn't mind the front brake cylinders too much, but the rears are such a pain!
R Williams

This thread was discussed on 01/06/2016

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