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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake shoes.

Time for new rear brake shoes as I have worn the last set out.

Am I right in thinking that there are wider Mini ones that fit the drums and are worth using as a replacement? I am using Greenstuff front pads. It stops very well, but with a tendency to lock the fronts ahead of the rears.
(Well it would wouldn't it, unless I was going backwards!)
Guy W

locks the fronts even sooner going backwards :)

Mine's on standard rear shoes (and greenstuff fronts) and is reasonably balanced for road use, under hard braking I can lock the rears momentarily with a ham-footed downchange, so I reckon they're not far off. I've had the rears lock first going downhill and braking hard, and it's a bit alarming.
Rob Armstrong

Thanks Rob, Mine are not bad, I have been happy enough with the standard ones and wouldn't be considering a change if they weren't worn down now. Just think I had seen something about Mini ones being a good choice.

There are probably books with this stiff in.
Guy W

yes Guy, the QH catalogue!
std midget rears BS803 are 32mm wide.
early Mini *front* - BS525 are 38mm wide.
David Smith

You are correct... its also a thicker pad. But I seem to recall they are also wider, I think IIRC you might have to file down the side edge with a flat file a few 000s

You want the shoes for the front mini... but I dont recall what year....

I havent done this, I was going to, but ive now got a mazda Rx7 rearend im going to eventually install... so im not wasteing money on brake shoes

Yes ... im going there

Archives !!!

Look for david lieb, he seemed to have the inside track on this modification... maybe 3-5 years ago, I want to say trevor jessie knows the details on this as well

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Thanks David,
Just the info I needed!
Guy W

This thread was discussed on 22/08/2013

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