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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - brake test results from MOT

Evening all.

Some (daniel s?) may be interested in my brake numbers

Front left 165kgf front right 182kgf
430kg over front axle, 11℅ imbalance and 81℅ efficiency

Rear left 169kgf, rear right 205kgf
464kg over rear axle, 81℅ efficiency again, imbalance not required

Handbrake pulled rear left 116kgf rear right 115kgf
26℅ efficiency

Total weight is in at 894kg, seems a bit much but the tester is a big chap.

green stuff pads with standard discs and calipers with braided hoses, new shoes on back with 100 miles or so on them

Interesting or what... :-)
Rob Armstrong

Hi Rob,

My brake numbers;

Front left 116kgf Front right 166kgf
weight on front axle 399kgs imbalance 16%,

Rear left 180kgf Rear right 195kgf
weight on rear axle 454kgs, imballance 25%,

Efficiency 77%

Hand brake left 139kgf right 103kgf

Efficiency 28%

Total presented weight 853kgs (773kgs net) (driver weighed 80kgs,me)(I've known the tester for years so he lets me do the brake test)

Car is '78 midget with 1.4k-series.

Pads, discs & shoes all standard

P J Vass

Perhaps of interest,


CO% 1.252
HC 244
P J Vass

Just MOT'd mine and didn't note the numbers but the tester did comment about the 28% handbrake efficiency - "it locks the rear wheels OK". As the minimum is 25% it passed OK.
D Griffiths

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