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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake up grade

as part of what started out as a gear box re build
I have found my discs probably wont pass another
MOT . Any suggestions for a cost effective brake
Up grade, I am trying to get as much done
whilst the front end is in pieces.
Regards Pete
P C Knightley

Start with quality disks(not groved or what ever just good plain ones), mintex 1144 pads and braided hoses.

Check the calipers and clean them
If they need work replace them with calipers with stainless pistons.

Do everything on both sides and make sure the MC and rear brakes are in good order an you will brake better than new!
Onno Könemann

what Onno put

plus a complete change of brake fluid whatever work you do
N Atkins

Hi Onno are the drilled discs from MGOC worth a
look at ? or just the plain Ones canyou recomend a supplier ? regards Pete
P C Knightley

My opinion is that the drilled or grooved discs are a waste of money. Their only benefit as far as I can see is appearance. The standard discs are fine. Drilling or grooving weakens the disc and early failures have been cited, and anyway the holes or grooves tend to get clogged with brake dust. Any improvement in braking is marginal. If they are such a good idea, why don't most cars have them? As I say, that's my opinion for what its worth.
Mike Howlett

It depends how you are going to use the car.

For a reasonably standard or fast road car, good standard brakes are up to normal and even brisk use.
They might get a bit smelly if being enthusiastic and if you like driving like this uprated pads are a good option. This can also be a good combination for sprint and hillclimb events which are generally not long enough to allow heat to build up to a serious extent. Racing is another matter of course.

Brake fluid age is critical and has much more effect on braking power than anything else. Too old and too much moisture in it and you'll boil the fluid and lose brakes altogether.

The main thing that determines whether an upgrade will work or not is what tyres you are using.

Basic tyres don't ask much of the brakes as they have lower levels of grip, and are certainly the limiting factor in an emergency stop rather than the braking system.

On the other hand, sticky tyres mean the brakes can be worked much harder. Generally, standard brakes would be up to using the potential of such tyres in a single emergency stop, but with a good amount of power together with sticky tyres, a bit of red mist and a winding road you could well finding yourself reaching the limit of good condition standard brakes.

Best guide is: Have you ever noticed the brakes getting seriously smelly or smoking quite a lot? If you haven't, you probably won't need a brake upgrade!

Paul Walbran

Check with deb evans at pristest race engines here on the board

Deb has a new high performance brake kit with aluminum ally hubs, vary nice set up, I think she can even do the studs in 7/16 .its definatly worth dropping a dime for a chat with her.


I believe the idea of grooved or drilled discs is to get rid of gas generated whilst braking really heavily, so if you don't have a problem as per Paul's post then you don't need them.
As I understand it you can fit MG metro vented discs, but how difficult this is and whether it is worth doing, I don't know. There are also several different kits that can be used, but again if you don't have a problem then why bother?
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

The most cost effective front brake upgrades:
1. Properly adjusted rear brakes.
2. New standard discs
3. Replace fluid
4. Mintex 1144 pads for those Devon lanes!

And when bleeding he brakes, do it until you have got them working well. Then drive for a few days which will shake out/ coalesce any remaining air bubbles, then bleed again. And use an Easybleed kit!

Anything beyond these options isn't really needed for road driving and is unlikely to fall within a modest budget.

Has all you need.
Good quality normal disks pads etc.
Yes they are expensive but you get what you pay for.
Onno Könemann

And magic midget is fantastic.

Triple that for Magic Midget - even if he is on holiday when I'm in desparate need of some new springs ...!

However, yes, for ordinary use, then that's fine, and, if you're not racing, then you probably won't build up enough heat in the brakes to justify vented discs, but, if you're upgrading the engine in any way, then you WILL need to go for something better, and, there are plenty of options out there - but start at Kim and work up to Debs' 9" kit!
RS MacLennan Baird

Kim hopped around on 1 foot when he had broken the other just to finish my exhaust!
He is a top bloke
Onno Könemann

LOL he is, but, sadly, even top blokes apparently need holidays :(

It's actually a shame that the stock MGA springs won't fit on the 1275 as they are exactly the right length and a good spring rate, but, hey ho, might have known that wouldn't happen easily!

The ones I got from him for Primerose are so good, that I'm defo going back to him for the other car, and I won't even paint them pink, like I did my BGT ones ........
RS MacLennan Baird

last time he went on one he came back with a broken foot.....
Onno Könemann

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