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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake & Clutch modifications for Rivergate 5-speed

I want to update my LHD Bugeye to suit the Rivergate 5-speed conversion. What is involved in converting the brake /clutch master cylinder to the later 1275 dual brake line system using the 3/4" bore master cylinder? How much cutting is involved to fit the later pedal box assembly and does the wiper motor have to be relocated?
I have already installed the Datsun 5-speed but find the the clutch release close to the floor and the pedal force to be too high for my liking.
Thanks in advance for your wisdom!


I did this to my Frog several years ago. To fit the later pedal box you have to make the opening wider. I don't remember by how much but it seems that it was about 1/2" per side but not the whole length, just at the pedal end. And you will have to move the wiper motor a bit. And then, if you're using standard 1275 air cleaner housings, they will hit the wiper motor. One of those domino effect upgrades but for me it was worth it since I went with the later dual line master cylinder. If you go that route, you will need to run an extra brake line to the rear brakes and replace the four way junction with the brake light switch with a three way one off of the rear axle and re-wire the lights with a mechanical switch at the pedal box.

Hope this helps.

Martin, Thanks for the information. I question if the four way junction with the brake light switch could still be used as a three way junction with switch by plugging one port?



Yes, it can. I just went the way I did because I had one laying around and I think that it looks a bit cleaner.

This thread was discussed on 07/11/2017

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