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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brakes??

OK, been a few weeks now. 72 rwa, stock brakes.

Several weeks ago wife was driving. Hit a speed bump
AT THE SAME TIME that the east coast USA earthquake
hit. Brakes later felt weak. Got the car home
OK, but the master cylinder was empty. Not much
brake, obviously.

Topped off the MC. Bled all 4. Got bubbles
ONLY out of right rear. Bled down to NO BUBBLES.

Since then: No Leaks Anywhere. Master cylinder
staying full up. Lots of brakes. Have checked
flex line, metal tubes, etc. All looks fine and
brakes are fine.

WTF??? What coulda happened???


Your fine until an other earthquake hits???
Onno Könemann

If the master cylinder was empty after the earthquake,-

Then perhaps, --

Either the fluid was made to leak out (topwise) by the shaking, and there would have been evidence of that around the master cylinder and on the paint work, --

Or, the master cylinder wasn't full to begin with, and the shaking caused the fluid to mix with the air, which let air into the pipes because the level was too low to begin with.

I guess. :)

As Onno says, try to avoid earthquakes, or too many speed bumps for that matter.
Lawrence Slater

This thread was discussed on 18/10/2011

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