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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brakes and hubs

So after a rather disappointing day trying to fit bigger brakes to the midget I have some questions.

Anyone fitted the Peter May 9"brakes to a MKII midget?
How do you get them to:
-not touch the steering rod
-the calliper PISTON!!! to not touch the bell of the disk?

Anyone got a lead on alloy hubs with taper bearings?
Because my inner bearing just fell out of the hub.....

I have once mailed miss Evans but never got a response...
Onno Könemann

Any photos?

Not sure what you mean by the steering rod? You might need to file the track rod end if it catches on the disc.

The caliper piston shouldn't be touching the disc bell though it's possible the pad might - a bit more filing.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Hi Onno,
I've done it. Email me on pendinesdash at hotmail dot com
I'll send you pics.
Neil K

Sorry no pictures got frusrated and fitted new normal disks and was happy to drive again.

I did off course mean the track rod end and I could not file any thing off it as it was only hitting the spring and gaiter.

I fitted the shims between the hub and steering arm and the ones below the top trunion.
Then I fitted the disk and it fould the TRE even though it had a big chamfer on it.

Then I tried to fit a new MGB caliper.
That hit the hub and bell of the disk in a way that it needed at least 2 mm grinding very near the piston just to be able to fit the second bolt.

Then I tried an old MGB caliper (different casting apperantly)
that fit but if the piston would be pushed out due to pad wear it would scrape the side of the disk bell (let alone the pads.

It is a used set and Peter May has been very help full in sending an fitting guid and a new bolt for the steering arm.

I now think it might have a different disk fitted or that it needs to be machined other than just the outside of the disk
Onno Könemann

Hi Onno, when I fitted my Peter May 900mm brake kit to my Mk11 I had no problem. I did have a problem when I subsequently fitted the Frontline suspension as to achieve the 1mm negative camber I had to cut some thread on the steering rack to get sufficient adjustment.
I have attached a photo of mine but can send or take more for you if you email me as above.

Neil K

Sorry Onno, meant pendinedash at hotmail dot co dot uk

Neil K

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