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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Break servo

my spridgit has a bracket for a brake servo which
must have been fitted some time in its life.
whats the feeling about fitting a servo on midgets?
any comments?
regards Pete K
P C Knightley

What's the feeling?

Well, it's simple really - it's YOUR car - do whatever you want with it - so long as you go out, drive it, have fun and stay safe!

Pete, a midget doesn't really need a servo if the system is ok.
A servo doesn't make a car brake any better, just easier to press the pedal.
Alex G Matla

IMO unnecessary unless you have some sort of lower torso/limbs medical problem.
David Smith

Servo won't make the car stop any better - that depends on the grip of the tyres on the road (and the heat dumping capacity of the brakes if being enthusiastic) but will make the pedal effort reduce. Not really an issue for Midgets. Even for MGB's.

The reason a lot of people fit them arises from the big difference in pedal pressure between other cars in the family fleet. It can be a bit disconcerting to go from a modern with light pedal pressure into a car with no servo and needing more effort. However, this is unlikely to be the case for a Midget.

I had such a moment once. I was taking care of my brother's company car, which suffered from extremely boosted brakes. Your little toe on the pedal would launch you towards the windscreen. After a week or so I got used to this, only to find when I got back in my B (no servo, racing pads etc) that I nearly went straight ahead at Tee and into the creek at the bottom of our road. Not quite, however ... adrenalin works as well as a servo!
Paul Walbran

This thread was discussed on 23/08/2010

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