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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - broken half shaft

The original half shaft is broken (after > 200 k miles and 59 years). I was parking.... It is a daly driver in summer. Will I buy competition half shafts?

Flip Brühl

Definitely, Flip.
It would be foolhardy to risk a repeat of that.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Which end broke?
Dave O'Neill 2

Useful info on replacement halfshafts:

M Wood

Also see:
M Wood

I have two good originals in the cellar that you can have for the cost of the postage
Dominic Clancy

Thank you for the information and Dominic for the offer. I do not know where it is broken I only know it is the left one. It use to break in the diff where the splines end. It broke while there was hardly any throttle the clutch was engaged I took a right turn driving 5 MPH. The original 945 cc motor has 50 HP. I renewed the diff 4 years ago and yes, again there is some play in the diff. I guess that it is this play that makes the stress bigger together with 58 years of use.
I have a question:
Has the Peter May half shaft fine or standard coarse splines?
Dominique do you have the first or the later model?

Flip Brühl


Which halfshafts have you been using to replace the broken ones?

The later 1275/1500 versions were stronger than earlier ones. Part number BTA806.
Dave O'Neill 2

I hope you are using good hub gaskets ;-)

Damn, I can't find my thesis on the topic. A bit of chat about it in the archives:

Malcolm Le Chevalier

they came out of a 1968 disc wheel car with only 35k km
Dominic Clancy

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