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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bucket Seats


So I'm looking to fit a new bucket seat to my 1967 MK3 midget, maybe something like a Sparco Sprint V....? It seems cheap and good looking - I don't really fancy one of the old styles or 'classic' styles as are often marketed at us - and can;t spend more than about
Josh Spooner

At the bottom you're limited to about 19" and even at that the front corner will rub against the trans tunnel on many seats. If you select a reclining seat with the control lever on the outside then you need to take that into consideration as well.
Bill Young

Cheapest race seats are Sparco Sprint 5 or Cobra Monaco. Both fit in the Midget OK.

If you've got more to spend a Tillet (Caterham style) seat is nice and light and fits in well.

Nigel Pratt

Hi, I think that these are cobra clubman seats (drivers anyway) that have been retrimmed in my car,

The drivers one needs some spacers under the front bolts as I tend to slide forwards on the seat.

4 point harnesses are a pain in normal use especially popping to the shops etc and they make it a pain to reach things like the heater flap in the footwell when on the move. I have a full cage in the car, but if I was redoing it, I'd not have full cage and not go for these seats, I'd stick mgf leather seats in instead.

if you want measurements, let me know,


John Collins

Sorry, I don't know the width, but a cozy fit, these are the Mazda Miata seats (same as mx-5 across the pond?) as installed in my 1500. a touch loud against the Autumn Leaf interior, but not too bad overall. They look better from this angle than from the rear of the car (too rounded for a boxy car like the Midget IMO). VERY comfortable. Built-in headrest speakers too, that you can actually hear if you keep it under 50 MPH. They do not fit with the (cosmetic) roll bar regularly sold over here.

Richard Reeves

what about ferio seats... granted not like alot of those still around, but they do recline, and they look just like the sparco seaats

fiat x1-9 seats fit. the squab and back are thin, so better for people with long legs - I can fit in mine much better than dad's with standard seats in it. they recline as well. not very buckety though, but I find the car buckets me quite well anyway (i'm quite wide..)
Rob Armstrong

WOW! Well thank you so so much to everyone who has posted - I wish I could reply to each of you individually! I think I'll check out all of these options and post back if I find any useful tips for anyone!!

Thank you again!

Josh Spooner

Dont forget the common basic standard answers to this queston

MFG seats, and mazda miata (MX5) are the most common seat conversions, these are fairly straight conversion

Very nice John. I had to look twice to see that the seats are indeed different. What you have as the passenger seat is what I have as the drivers in mine. I've also found I like the front of the seat raised with spacers. Who re-trimmed the seats and is it vinyl or leather?
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

will -69 mgb seats fit a -69 midget?

3 threads from different people almost at the same time and all about seats.

Am I missing something?

I remember someone fitted Lotus Elise seats in a Midget. They may be a bit pricey second hand but by all accounts they were very comfortable, secure and quite a few Kg lighter than standard.

Usual alternatives as most have pointed out are MGF/TF, MX5/Miata, Fiat X/19.

The all in one MX5 I don't like much for style but I think later ones were more conventional with detachable head rests.

MGB are slightly narrower than Midget.

Rob aka MG Moneypit


I've just invested in a Sparco Sprint V for my '67 Mk IV Sprite with which we're about to start our second season of hillclimbing. It was about 160 from Demon Tweeks. JJC Race and Rally were doing them for 130 but seem to have de-listed them though they do an OMP one for that price:

I've not fitted my seat yet but will do shortly. I'll be floor mounting as I need to be as low as possible. With later Sprite seats I sit too high and at 5'11 the top of my helmet is above the roll over bar and touches the inside of the hard top. As roll bars are only 'recommended' for un-modified roadgoing cars in hillclimbing the scrutineers have been perfectly happy with it but I think a race scrute might object unless you've got a front hoop on your roll over protection.

I have a Roll Centre roll bar with harness bar fitted. I bought a Safety Devices one initially but found that it fits where the rear safety belt mounting is so you couldn't easily revert to standard belts. Roll Centre do two types. The later one meets current regs but also fits on the seat belt mounts. The older one does not meet current spec but is legal as it was registered before a cut-off date. I think the same applies to the Safety Devices bar so make sure you ask for a copy of the certificate in case a scrutineer challenges the bar.

I have a harness bar for a 4 point harness. It takes up some of the space behind the seats but puts the rear straps at a much better (safer) angle. The only problem I have is that one of the straps can gradually work its way along the bar so that it begins to slip off my shoulder. A wrap of tape round the bar would probably be enough to act as a stop to keep it in place but I'm hoping that this won't be necessary as the Sprint V has rear strap holes in its upper back.

My 4 point harness, and the one from the MGOC, and some of the others are acceptable for road use as they use the same sort of buckle / clip as modern seat belts. Race harnesses are not road legal - which is one reason for retaining seat belt mountings so you can also have normal 3 point belts. I like the 4 point harness as you feel much more secure but you can't lean forward to see what's coming at blind junctions - or reach things that have fallen off the passenger seat and onto the floor!

I hope you do take to the hills - I look forward to meeting up with you some time. Loton Park is my local track but I'm hoping we might make it to some of the other venues later this year.


Colin Mee

what you might have missed as the originators names are different on the threads is that they're old threads resurrected by IM

your post will help others but Josh asked the question in 2010 I think he's more concerned with his engine currently (see above as to why the thread is back)
Nigel Atkins

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