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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - BUGEYE VALUE

I have a friend that is considering selling his BE. It has been completely reworked with all original parts including remanufatured mechanical fuel pump and original washer bottle.He is getting on in age and is finding it difficult to get into.
It is a 948 [ower plant
What is the current sales value of a beautiful car?
Car is a Florida car and has zero rust.


It's hard to tell with seeing the car but I've seen some with an asking price of $17,000.00 for a very nice one up here in Washington. The best way to come up with a price is to check all of the usual on-line places and compare your friends car to what is out there.

Sandy... Florida is the center of the universe at the moment as far as cash, DOW 25,000 and A fast life style

Like Martian says without seeing the car... I wouldn't put a dime LESS THEN $25,000 If he waits till April or March with the top down I'd try $30,000 maybe even $40,000 if your friend lives in South beach or miami

BUG EYES are a hot car at the moment when it comes to British iron it's easier to cut the asking price then to ask for more during the negotiations

Make sure your friend knows he won the lottory so don't give it away

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