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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - bumper over riders on late 74?

Does anyone know if I can put the bumper over riders from a 1970-mid 74 onto a late 74 bumper? This is a North American model with really big black bumper over riders as you can clearly see.

Do I have to replace both front and rear bumpers?



Tom Nelson

The bumpers and brackets all have different part numbers for the large over rider cars. They are all stronger to meet Fed standards. MG B's are referred to as 1974 1/2. I don't know why they didn't do that for midgets. Both over riders mount with a single bolt so the only concern is the contour of the curve on the over rider. Two feet of snow prevents me from checking for sure, but you could try changing one if you have the parts.
J Bubela

er, we've already been through this in your previous thread, what has changed
Nigel Atkins

Sorry, but I never got a clear answer Nigel. The reply from snowy Connecticut has given the most info yet.
Tom Nelson

ah, fair enough Tom

your previous thread title did bring early-onset thread drift

I'll repeat what I put before as it still stands -
>>there have been problems with newly made over riders not quite having the right cut away for the bumpers so you'll need to check for that
for UK cars at least the split bumper over riders should fit<<

and I think the split bumper over riders would fit your car but it's hard to tell unless you remove one of your over riders and take another photo

parts 57, 58 and 59 here -
Nigel Atkins

I was going to suggest the same as Nigel - remove one of the over-riders so we can see the bumper.
Dave O'Neill2

The small over riders fit my '74 bumpers just fine when I took off my sabrinas, but that was parts bought and installed 20 years ago, so if they are made right they ought to work.
Norm Kerr


As in Boys-Boys-Boys??

Sorry, wont go that way again. ;)

Tom, my advice would be to remove one first and see what the condition of the bumper/chromework is underneath it, then messure if the overriders are wide enough to cover that (rusted?)part.
There are two types of overriders with the oldest type being the widest I think but that wont go with the shape/rounding of your type bumper.

Different option is going completly bumperles, midgets are easy to convert instead of MGB's who then need extra panels to smoothen things up.

Needles to say I drive mine bumperles but in all fairness mine was a rubberbumper so a lot of weight was saved as well by going bumperles.

A de Best

Thanks, good grief a VAT of 20%. Doesn't your gov't know that a Midget is not a luxury car? Seems like robbery to me.

Thanks, it was a much somewhat better pic of the bumper.
My bumpers are in good nick, but might be a bit scratched under the aluminum over rider plate.

What I'll do is order a set, if they fit they do, if they don't I'll return them OR remove them and put in a chrome carriage bolt to hide the hole or I'll move on and fix the leaky oil pan & front seal instead.
I will remove a bumper at a later date, my garage floor is covered in dirt, sand and salty water, not wanting to move the car from its cozy corner just yet.
Tom Nelson

VAT was 25% at one time for luxury goods, VAT started at 10% but once people were used to it it became multi-layered and goes up and down with (political?) need

decades ago there was very high percentage purchase tax on new cars and later lower levels of purchase tax but VAT was charge on the car including the purchase tax

I think the slim over riders with rubber facing pads will fit (subject to modern parts quality of finish)
Nigel Atkins

20% VAT?

Thats nothing, we have 21% Vat, the goverment tax fuel for over 70% and still they are short of money.
I was told we have the most expensive fuel in the world?

There use to be a time I thought fueling in the UK was expensive now its cheap in comparison to home.
If this goes on then at some point it will be economical to take the ferry to the UK fuell your car up and take the ferry back to Holland again.

A de Best

Isn't it still cheaper to drive to Luxembourg?
Dave O'Neill2

So back to the question, do these look similar? I think they'll work, what's your opinion, anyone? I have the ugly part # 116's but I want to put on part # 58's.

Tom Nelson

Here's the part #58.

Tom Nelson

yes and yes (well by those diagrams at least)

you may also need parts 92, (not 90?) possibly 178, 177 and 91 but it depends on what you find and can reuse when you take the plastic ones off

soak nuts, washers and bolts in plenty of a good penetrating/releasing fluid such as PlusGas (ordinary WD40 is not as good) leave to soak for as long as possible preferably at least overnight, slightly tighten to break muck/rust seal before undoing

if that doesn't do it then repeat, spray leave overnight, slightly tighten then loosen

have patience and let the chemicals do all the hard work to get things apart without breaking

copper grease new assembly
Nigel Atkins

Dave, at some point it will but traveling by ferry to the UK is much more fun then drive for 3 hrs to luxembourg.

Actualy the goverments latest raise on fuel tax have made many fuelstations at the German & Belgium border shut down as all the dutch living there fuel abroad now.

Estimates now are that that taxraise is coasting the goverment more on lost tax then the new riase brings them.
Real smart buggers we have to ruel the country... ;)
A de Best

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