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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - busy weekend, panhard,rearshocks,exhaust

Well, it was only 42 deg c in the shade and i had a long weekend....

1st job, new exhaust..
Old one snaked back and forth across the car and banged and chattered on the underneath when the engine moved.
Also, the Muffler was accross the back of the fuel tank and on its side (90 deg to in the picture below) which took up too much space.
I cut off the muffler (which seems quite new and makes a nice noise) and simplified the system, with it turned through 90 deg and along the axis of the car.

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

2nd job... rear shocks

Mounted the Gaz adjustable mini front shocks.
Cut a notch in the rear triangular support to clear the dust cover of the shocks and reinforced it with a 2mm thk piece, seam welded.
Seam welded the inside where the rebound strap would usually go, (it is just spot welded as std and i could make the joint squeek by flexing it with a screwdriver).
Welded a support screw to the bottom leaf spring clamping plate.

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Picture showing bottom mount.
Pic also shows my home made lowering blocks made by welding two spring locating plates to some rectangular steel tube that i had. 1.25" thk.
You can also see the stud welded in position for project 3.. panhard rod

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

job No3, Panhard rod.

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Rod was level as checked with spirit level, then after a test run the suspension settled some more so i need to re- weld the mounting stud about an inch lower as i ran out of adjustment....
Rod when level goes across back of the axle just below the oil fill plug.

Comments/Advice on roll centre etc welcome...

Not had chance to drive in anger yet as my next job is a new fuel tank, now that i know how much space i have to play with....

Drove it back from my friends house (who has the car-lift and does the welding) with a flexible fuel hose stuck in a jerry can and a lot of caution....

Heat shield also made to protect the fuel tank from radiated heat from the Exhaust.
Stainless steel sheet with folded over edges for rigidity and aluminium backed foam on the fuel tank side.

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Blimey! You HAVE been enjoying yourself.

I like the experimental approach, and love the illustrations. If I were you, I'd get on with the tank immediately, and send us the pictures.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Great job Andy,

That is almost verbatim of my panhard bracket fits between the boot floor and the gas tank and uses the same 5 holes as the gas tank.. I considard a brace inside the boot but went with a stack of grade 8 flat washers, bolt, and nyloc nuts

I keep mine "loosely"" adjusted so its not activating everytime I steering into a corner at slow speed...but I have to say, you will love this mod, its one of my top 5 favorite ... it should have come default from the factory with a panhard rod...

There is one suggestion id definatly add... they make a rubber dust boot that goes over the rose hymn joints, thats a big plus as I was surprised as to how much road muck gets collected on those joints, in just 1000 miles (its alot) im sure it wont take long for road muck to destroy those joints if you dont keep up on there cleanliness....rattle can brake cleaner is what I use to clean them.

Very cool project, and the panhard is so worth the time you invested...well done


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Thanks for the encouragement Guys,
it'll be 2 weeks before i can get back home again to take measurements and get on with the tank....

Itching to get on with it and carve out some corners !!

New tank will probably be stainless as there is a stainless fabrication factory just up the road, they mainly make ornamental gates and awnings so their welding is beautiful and they polish the stainless to be like chrome..
I'm looking for some rubber boots for the rod ends, if i cant find any locally i can order from UK, or maybe just cut up some bike inner tubes.
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Just curious andy

Why not a china made ebay tank... ive had mine a good 10 years almost no issues ... fits like a charm and a good 2 gallons more then factory stock and very inexpensive

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes good idea ... Do you know the basic dimensions ? I have 600 x 400 mm to play with plus the depth of course. Do you have a link to the tank ?
It's 40% import duty here and that is on the landed price so including the shipping cost, but worth a try. Would be nice to just bolt something in without having to go through a whole load of modification first.
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

ok, finally managed to get the tank made and time to fit it..
(i work 4 hours drive from home and only get to see the car every 2 weeks...)
Found a small place at the side of the road that makes stainless guttering and cooker hoods.
Gave him a cardboard version of what i wanted and he made it, with very nice welding.

Had some issues as usual but fitted the tank on sunday and then took the car out for a thrash....

Tank will hold 23 litres, std one holds 30 litres, but i calculated that i have enough for 290km which will get me from home to work..

Some issues came up but will start new thread for that...

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

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