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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Buzzer for indicators

I can hardly see the indicator lights on my dash and the self cancelling is unreliable to say the least so I am hoping to wire an audible signal that will sound until the indicators are cancelled. Any ideas on the best way to do this.
J Cowley

I bought a buzzer from Car Builder Solutions ( Part no is #INDBUZ and costs 6 +vat.
It comes with diodes if needed although I put it on a MK1 which only has a single warning light so it is very easy to fit in that case and doesn't need the diodes. In their catalogue and probably on their website they show how to wire it.
It is very loud, so no problem hearing it. I did find that the level to hear it on the move made it very loud at traffic lights but that is more to do with noisy car than the buzzer. I have subsequently muffled it a bit.

Graeme W

I can hear the clicking of the flasher unit, and I'm going deaf in my left ear.
Lawrence Slater

fix the self canceling and fix the light so you see it.
Both work fine on my '66 with some fettling
Onno K

Id love to hook up a buzzer to the E. Brake when I drive off down the road without ""releasing"" the E Brake I can get a loud reminder

Im not sure why i forget to release that little stick....but I sure wear those rear shoes down

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

clean the inside and outside of the warning lights lenses - you can get a lot of dirt build up in an open top car

also clean the bulbs and check all the electric connections to them are clean, secure and protected - again it's amazing how much brighter a clean bulb can be, if there's any black inside the bulb replace it

I also, very, very occasionally clean the inside of the exterior lenses and bulbs (don't polish the reflectors just wipe them clean) and check wires and connections, especially earth paths to be clean, secure and protected, again it can sometimes add a surprising amount of brightness
Nigel Atkins

You don't need a buzzer because you should have a good clack-clack from the flasher unit. When I collected my 1500 from Bristol, the indicators were very weak, dim and quiet - the dash tell-tales glowed dimly. Since cleaning the contacts and doing a certain amount of rewiring (it's always worth replacing dodgy wires), replacing bad terminals and ensuring all the earthing is good the indicators are now bright and loud. The tell-tale bulbs and the flasher unit are originals so they can and do perform well. Adding a buzzer will only make things worse because you will further compromise the indicator circuits that are already struggling.
Nick Nakorn

It might be worth intergrating a relay

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

You can buy a flashere unit that is built specifically to have an extra loud click.

C R Huff

Could you not fit somthing like a hella 3026 with clear audible warning
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

Notwithstanding to the opinions above to the contrary, I think a buzzer is a good idea - I can't hear the click-clicking of the flasher unit wen te top is down and while my self cancelling is good there are occasions when it does not cancel.

I bought a buzzer from Maplins (capable of 12v) and wired it in parallel with the flasher unit (i.e. pull off the connector on one side of the flasher unit, put the wire over the connector and push back on, then the same for the other side - simple). It buzzes in opposition to the flasher (flash, buzz, flash, buzz etc,).
Chris Hasluck

I agree with Chris, and his method is how I have done it.

I also have a switch to disable the buzzer because at low speed around town I can hear the existing flasher unit.
At higher speed with the roof down it is a different matter and the buzzer is a useful extra.

JB Anderson

I agree that if the original is working 100% and you still can't hear it, a buzzer is a good idea - but the tell-tale lights should be bright enough to grab your attention even if you can't hear the flasher unit.
Nick Nakorn

So are you saying that midgets have self cancelling indicators. My 1970 midget doesn't. Should it?
T Dafforn

Are you joking Tim?

Did you also know, that by 1970 all Spridgets had brakes, heaters, seats, engines, ----- lol.

Just teasing. ;).
Lawrence Slater

these are the types of thing you miss out on when you don't read the Driver's Handbook ;)
Nigel Atkins

Tim: my '71 sprite has self cancelling indicators. I cancel them myself.
It was probably an extra..... or the little blip has broken off the column. Or the wrong column has been fitted some time.
Oddly after a run out I have become so used to it that I try to cancel them myself in the modern.
Graeme W

So at what point did the cancelers become random... mine is a 71, sometimes it cancels sometimes they that not a factory mg built in

Seriously tho... ive learned to not sweat the small stuff like this, if it blinking cant hear or see it, then its probably more of a problem for the guy behind you.... if he pulls up and flips the bird, then return the gesture by pulling a .45 simi auto and waving back

Some days you have to choose your fights

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

In the UK Prop, if you indicate without intending to turn in because your indicator is stuck on, and someone pulls out from the turning in front of you,you are liable in the event of an accident.
Custodial sentence, hard labour!
Graeme W

I'm sure that's not the case. Anyone pulling out in front or into the side of you is liable watever yr indicator is doing surely?

I never trust that situation and wait till the vehicle actually slows and turns in.
SR Smith 1

The indicators on the older cars had a better cancelling mechanisism if you ask me. Whilst it is more complex, springs and levers, it lasts longer than the plastic prongs on the later one. My '66 Sprite is still on the same indicator stork that I got it with (1977). It's quite possible that it's the original from the factory.

Whereas my '73 Midget, had 2 broken plastic prongs. One was out of shape and other had fallen off completely. And the knob end of the stork has fallen off to boot.

But at least the newer type is easier to adjust. Just rotate the collar around the column to suit.
Lawrence Slater

Ok so you've convinced me. My midget should have cancelling indicators. Anyone have any pictures of how they work and thoughts on common faults that prevent opperation.
Cheers Tim
T Dafforn

SR: you are right! Just looked it up. Liability is with the vehicle pulling out it seems, not the one erroneously indicating. So, don't worry about a buzzer, just leave the indicators on!
Graeme W


Normally its good ol fashioned condenstaion... that morning due moisture, as always its mostly the grounds that get the rightful blame, followed by the bullet connectors, check the bulbs and bulb holders also.

Prop and the Blackhole Midget an echo chamber!
Nick Nakorn

My 71 has self cancelling but the plastic is a little worn after 111,000 miles so they cancel when they feel like it or when there's a fairly sharp bend to fully engage the cancelling mechanism. In bright sunlight with the hood down I find I've been driving along merrily flashing away so am going to buy one of these
and fit it like Chris has done.
Jeremy Tickle

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