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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bypass hose adapter removal

Hello all, I'm struggling to get the bypass hose adapter ( 12A2075)out of the cilinderhead. It's that little pipe that sits between the cilinderhead and the waterpump.
Do I have to turn it anti clockwise to remove it?

Many thanks in advance.

pjw Seezink


IIRC it's a standard right hand thread but likely to be rusted in. The last one I removed I drilled out to the core diameter of the thread and then removed the remains of the thread.
David Billington

Just removed one of these from an old head, My method was cut the pipe off leaving about 3-4mm then get a bolt that is a fairly good fit into the pipe, run a nut up the bolt and push it into the remaining stub, then weld the nut to the bolt and the other side of the nut to the stub. You can now use a socket to unscrew the pipe, the heat generated from welding helps to break the corrosive bond, also while it is hot give it a good squirt of release oil WD40 or Plusgas. Also soaking it for a few days before will help.

Thanks Ian
I Pickering

Thank you David and Ian, since there was still some matrial left I hoped I could undo the adapter by hitting it with a hammer and a pen driver (?) but indeed it was to rusty.
Tomorrow I will buy a Dremel or alike tool.If possible I don't want to take the head off because only yesterday it was collected from the machine shop. I don't blame the shop for not renewing the adapter ( allthough I supplied them with a new one ) since the two old heads from my midgets where cracked and had to buy a
overhauld head. Since they are not that expensive I find it a little strange that the overhauling company didn't renew the adapter.

Ah well, fingers crossed..

But I really hope to drive my Midget by Sunday again.

pjw Seezink

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