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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Caldwell dampers. -- Peter May??

My front dampers are notchy and leaking like the Torrey Canyon, but I am reluctant to buy any of the cheap recons because they will probably have had just an oil change and a lick of paint.

I've seen and heard the odd reference to Peter May importing the highly rated Peter Caldwell fully rebuilt items, but don't know if this is true.

So, can anyone tell,me if this is the case or not?
b higginson

I enquired a year or 2 ago and it was no. Had to go direct to Peter Caldwell but in the end didnít bother as mine stopped leaking. Itís started weeping a bit again so I might be in the market for some. I think they work out at about £250 each but that is before customs get their hands on them.
John Payne

Thanks John. You confirmed what I suspected.

A friend has just received a pair of recon fronts for his Frogeye, from Peter May, so I'll see what he thinks of them when he's fitted them and maybe go down that route.

b higginson

This thread was discussed on 27/04/2018

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