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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Caliper pistons

I'm certain I'm correct but before I re-assemble my front brake calipers, I thought I'd check.

Am I correct and Moss Europe's diagram at this link

shows the pistons (Item 12) the wrong way round?
Allan ('76 Midget 1500)

Looking at that drawing, I'd say you were right. The solid end of the piston usually goes inside the caliper with the seal on it, the hollow end interfaces with the pad and has the dust cover on it. Can you remember how yours came off? If they were working before you took them off, that's the way they should go back.

b higginson

Allan. If you mean the diagram shows the hollow side inwards, that is incorrect. As I remember, my Sprite had the partially cut away outside (hollow portion) which had to be oriented in the correct direction. There should be an illustration of this in the workshop manual. My mgb manual, the only one to hand, has an illustration of the cut out and notes: "The cut-away portion of the piston must be located at the inner edge of the calliper (sic), i.e. towards the hub." That would be hard to do if one follows the Moss illustration.

Les Bengtson

Yes, they're backwards in the drawing.

Gryf Ketcherside

You may want to buy an MGA at some time Les. If you look at the MGA workshop manual it shows the cut out 90 degrees different to the MGB. I believe you have an expression in the USA that says "go Figure" we British say, "now work that one out!"
Bob Turbo Midget England

Thanks everyone, I thought I was correct but it's always best to check.

Allan ('76 Midget 1500)

Yes, Go Figure!

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

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