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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Calling Rob Newt Re Titan

Hi, just contacted Mini Spares,-- had no idea what I was talking about!!!
Tried David Manners, put me onto the MG section, they new what I was talking about and passed me onto Keith Calver, Mini specialist, who also knew what I was talking about, but couldn't help. He did say he had a good friend who works at Titan, so I told him to persuade them to get them back in production.
Where did you get your from?
Cheers John & Wayne

Failing that, it's reasonably easy to take a wedge out of the Mini version to lower the angle if you have access to alloy welding. I'll be ther on Sunday if you want to check it out.
Paul Walbran

Hall John
It was my brother who has ordered one from David Manners, he is back from Belgium tomorrow so he should be picking it up shortly, so we will then see if it fits??
I am sure it was a maniflow though not a Titan
Btw we get trade discount so you might have to pay a bit more.
I will keep you posted
Rob Newt

There you go John as promised, picked up toaday from David Manners (speak to John mini parts)modified to suit Spridget.

Rob Newt

Thanks Rob, just tried to ring but was too late, will try again tomorrow. Is it modified by them for the midget of have you done it?
Cheers John

Can you take a side on shot - I'd be interested to see the relative position of the carb to the inlet ports with respect to height.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

Rob, John,
I would be interested in one of those maniflolds as I am planning to fit an hif44 to mine. Do you have the contact numbers?
D Brown

John at David Manners is on 0121 544 0011. I've left a message, but as yet no reply.
If you manage to speak to him b4 me leave the details on here.
Cheers John

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