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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Camshaft end-float?

Currently rebuilding my 1275, and following the procedure laid down in the Haynes manual my end-float is measuring 0.030". The Haynes manual suggests changing the end plate if end-float is greater than 0.007".

I have had new cam bearings installed and attempting to fit a new SW5-07 Camshaft and oil pump.

Should I;

1. Put the old oil pump back on and check?

2. Refit the old cam and check, don't want to as i have new bearings installed.

3. Replace the cam lock plate?

4. Dry my eyes and change the front end plate as Haynes suggests?

I also wet assembled the endplate gasket with Hylomar as Haynes suggested.

Many thanks in advance,

Dave Mckay ('72 RWA)


IIRC you have to check the cam end float with the cam thrust plate in place and the cam sprocket fitted and torqued up as the gap the thrust plate fits in is between the cam and cam sprocket. Many people query this issue as they fit the cam only and wonder why the end float is excessive.
David Billington

Hi Dave

You can machine/grind the cam gear down to get rid of the excess end float. You will have to re-shim the crank gear afterwards to ensure the pulleys stay in line. A new cam plate would be a good starting point. Is this a new cam or a repro? Have you fitted a vernier cam gear? The end float is dictated by the gap between the end of the front bearing of the cam and the back of the cam gear with the keeper plate inbetween the ends. I usually try for 001/0015 thou float.

P Burgess


I do have the front end plate and thrust plate fitted, but not the sprocket as the Haynes manual made no mention of this at this stage.

I will fit the cam gear tomorrow and check the end float as it appears this is the mistake I have made.

Peter - It is a new Swiftune SW5-07 Cam and i will be fitting a new vernier cam gear tomorrow prior to checking the endfloat.

Many thanks
Dave Mckay ('72 RWA)

Problem solved, fitted the cam sprocket and the end float is now 0.004", vast improvement and within limits.

The Haynes manual for the Mini says to fit the sprocket, the midget Haynes does not. I will compare both in the future.

Thanks again

Dave Mckay ('72 RWA)

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