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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - can anyone help this guy ?
P Bentley

Good lord,

Poor dad, the obvious answer is a new child and get rid of this one, or a modern car for the kid, at at the very least a major ass kicking will need to be administered to this looser of a kid

Tell me if im wrong, ...

(oh look the engin is getting.hotter, but a great song on the radio bieber rules)

(Now im loosing oil pressure, whats with that...omg, that new conway twitty song is amazing)

( what is all that noise inside the engine, it spanners.... time for the super amp and full surround music now to cancel out all this clutter noise)

( stupid car... what a piece of junk... its dead, and it wont start... maybe if if just keep grinding on the starter for a half.hour... good thing dad can fix anything)

Gez unreal

I feel for.the dad, I really do... 10 minutes parked along the side of the road engine off every now and then is so fourign an idea to some I cant even wrap my mind around how thats not even possiable to think of for just 30 sec.

No the answer is not a new engine.or even fixing it, the answer is.called .... here is a bus shedule, this what a bus pass looks like, you will need to buy a brick of them to go from A to B destianation

Its one thing when.something breaks or wears out...but this aint that.


Just sad
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

If you can ask him to contact me via
I can put him in touch with someone in Kent who has such if Kent is not too far.
Alan Anstead

Poor chap. I'm guessing it wasn't full of oil at the start.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Have put it round the Yorkshire Area, someone might have something.
Rob Armstrong

probably dropped a thrust washer
Norm Kerr

One on eBay in Scarborough item no 331215373719. Currently at 1.25 or 300 buy it now.
P Ottewell

My guess is faulty thermostate...over heated, thinned out the oil, (which probably wasnt up to par..old or lack off) ...and opps goes the bearings and the rings simply melted away after the head cracked wide open

But heck... that radio sure worked loud and great...maybe thats why BMC didnt install radios from the factory

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Andy Jennings does engines for 100 plus 30 shipping. He's unlikely to find a much better deal than that.
dominic clancy

cheers guys. . .the BB love is strong !
P Bentley

Sounds like he is sorted, well done Alan
bill l

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