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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Can anyone recommend a plating firm

Rebuilding an Innocenti Mini Cooper and I am shortly to be needing some chrome plating done. I live in Surrey so anywhere in the patch could be useful as the rear bumpers on the midget might just benefit form a dip too.
Anyone got any experience and recommendations they are happy to share ?
P Bentley

I have used Hampshire Electroplating in Southampton, if that's near enough:

They replated my rear bumperettes 35 years ago and they still look very good. I did have problems when they tried to replate an original rad grille, which first of all peeled and then got extra holes when they tried to strip it back! It was really too far gone before they started on it.

I did think about getting the front bumper done, but the job would have been much more expensive than a new bumper. However the plating on new parts is usually very poor these days - I had to get a new grille replated after less than 2 years (out of warranty of course). A bullet mirror went very rusty after 6 months on the car, and as I had kept it in store for a year the supplier refused to replace it. I stripped it and nickel plated it myself.
L B Rose

I use LPC in Letchworth but that is probably too far for you, whatever you do DONT use Ashford Plating Company, there website promises the world but the reality is very much third world.

Best company around is the London Plating Company - but they are certainly not the cheapest
Martyn Wilks

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