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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Can you identify this..?

does anybody recognise this little spacer (see pic)? It's 3/4 inch diameter with a 1/4 inch hole and is 1/4 inch thick. I have no idea where it came from but it looks important to the health of my 1275 midget...

Sorry - no prizes... (unless you count my lifelong, undying admiration)


Simon Fryer

looks like a manifold washer to me...
David Smith

yup, you should have four of them.

I agree.
Jon Saylor

I agree also...but could be a spacer on the valve cover hardware

OOO I think Prop has that one as all my manifold washers have a champher (sp?) around one outer edge.

Andrew McGee

Nope - Nothing on the valve cover is 1/4" - and besides chamfers, manifold washers have 5/16 clearance holes and they are bigger than 3/4" OD. I've seen those, but don't know where - maybe something like a bonnet prop spacer or to do with seat mountings.

Fletcher R Millmore

c-h-a-m-f-e-r Repeat 6 times

OK Simon, let's try & track this down. Do you have a conmplete, running car and found this underneath it - which rules out anything serious - or are you in rebuiold and it's a bit left over?
Max max-at-midgetmax-dot-com

What year car is it? The later ones with the square-bodied wiper motor used a thick packing washer under the rubber mount but I would have thought it was bigger than 1/4" hole. Or maybe a packing washer to go behind number plate mountings?

Guy Weller

Thanks everyone - I'll investigate these suggestions but for those requesting more info: the car is in rebuild and has been apart for several years. In that time I changed cities and some parts were lost, others just thrown in boxes together. Never did find the washer bottle or its bracket...

As of writing engine/gearbox and suspension are rebuilt and fitted, hence the appearance of random mystery items as the piles diminish.

Judging by the machining of the flat sides of this and their well-preserved state, I would say this is a spacer that sits in between two faces that match the circular dimensions. I suspected alternator mount spacer but the alternator bolts are too big...

And it's a 1972 model (round-body wiper motor).

Simon Fryer

Sudden thought: does it possibly go under the brake pipe clip immediately behind the plate holding the charcoal canister? The pipes rise up over the plate so there should be some kind of spacer..?

Incidentally, this is a North American model so LHD.
Simon Fryer


I believe I remember some kind of spacer like that associated with the charcoal canister and WW washer mounting in my MGB. Maybe it is similar with the Spridget?

C R Huff

Maybe they fell out of your last pay packet?
Guy Weller

There's nothing that big in my pay packet...
Simon Fryer

Ho Ho!
Guy Weller

When I worked in a garage I have been known to add extra nuts to the ones just removed by the mechanic, just to drive the mechanic err, .....nuts!

You don't have somebody in your direct surroundings that is as rotten as I was?
Willem vd Veer

This is a solitary project Willem...
Simon Fryer

Willem that is a true mongrel act.
Mike Allen

I have seen that flat washer (spacer) some where I just cant place it

....what about the fan blade spacer to the water pump bolt? Im thinking mine are lock washers but Ive re-done most of my hardware for stainless steel

....what about oil pan hardware ...thats 1/4 inch inside...right before the oval shape spacer

what about the back of a instrument gauge, where the little knurl nuts fit on live the rev gauge/speedo

I was also thinking the spacer between the condensor and points electricl mounting hardware but i think this is to big


Back in the 1960s I substituted an A series gearbox tailpiece, into a stripped down set of Triumph Herald gearbox parts at the garage where I worked. The victim could not accept that there was anything wrong with his set of bits as they must surely be the same as what he took apart, and spent ages trying to figure it out. I had to run for it when he worked it out.
Roly Alcock

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