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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Caravans

Has anyone tried anything similar with an A series engined Midge (1275)? If so what was it like and where to get a towbar or is it a diy affair?



Jeremy 3

Surprisingly, tow bars were manufactured for Spridgets, although I suspect that few were actually sold. I have seen them occasionally on ebay and at autojumbles.

Way back, sometime in the late 70's I remember seeing an MG midget towing one of those folding caravans. It was on a site near Strasbourg. We were on a family holiday and had an identical identical one which I was towing with an Austin 1100. It was quite basic, essentially a box on wheels and the top half hinged open with a sort of pram hood fabric cover that just opened out - not unlike a Midget hood in some ways.

At MG Live a couple of years ago a guy on our campsite had a green 1275cc Midget and towed an Eriba caravan with it. When I spoke to him about it he said he had been towing with his Midget for years.
Neil K

I seem to recall from my Owner's Manual that the 1500 is rated to tow 1600 lbs. I've never tried to pull anything with it (no hitch).

Gryf Ketcherside

There are two Midget tow bars on ebay now - a used item number 22094390305 and a new one 380379828966 - in both cases I have no connection, but excuse the pun :-)

Jonathan Severn

I can't remember but I think that this is from about 1960

Gary & Gaps

and just to show that it can be done

Gary & Gaps

I had a Midget which had a towbar back in the '80s. I never towed with it, though.
Dave O'Neill2

Thanks for the responses and the tip off on the bars on ebay. One's not too far away so am tempted to make a bid.
Plenty of articles on the teardrop vans so if I can get hold of a set of plans and dig the old jig saw out, we might be in business!

Jeremy 3

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