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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carb idle set up etc..


Bodged some linkage from choke links under the non OE carbs to open the throttle sightly - a sort of fast idle.

Any clues as to how much the throttle should open on fast idle? I have managed to get a smidgen of movement - looking at the nut where throttle arm connects to throttle wire, I would estimate about 3 mm of movement - Not alot, but better than nothing as before. Jets are pulled down as they should be by the choke linkage.

Also - heard that Lucas gold/sports coils are not really suitable with 123 ignition - as there is a danger of the 123 burning out. Can anyone substantiate this?
Mark O

hi mark,
have had 2 elec ign modules on my midge burn out with gold coil, was on car when i bought it. coil has no labels on but when i spoke to company who supplied elec ign they said that is whats doing it.
regards bob.

we had a thread recently on the subject of which coil for a 123 dissy, basically the standard coil is fine and so is the (gold) sports coil as that what I and someone else uses, had my 123 fitted with gold coil 3 years now

my dissy caps did marks up instantly though, that was interesting but I'm told nothing to worry about and the car runs very well on the 123 so I don't worry

see the Carb trouble thread for other links to the John Twist videos that might help you with the carbs
Nigel Atkins

Indeed Nigel - but the other response in this thread and others suggest gold coils are unsuitable with 123.
You appreciate the dilemma...
Mark O

Nigel Atkins

Nigel -- Yes I have the original instructions for the 123 and indeed it actually states high voltage coil no less than 1 ohm can be used. However, I am aware that Lucas ain't the most reliable when it comes to repeatability of electronic gear - which although is a different slant on the issue, may give others the cause for concern mentioned.

For the moment, I'll stick with the new gold sports coil - fettling last night after engine overhaul and it seems to run fine enough.

Thanks for the response!

Mark O

I'm never sure about this Lucas not reliable business as the stuff on the cars seem to last 30+ years and be very reliable

the wiring systems on the car are quite crude but that's BMC/BL

it seems that some electronic igniter heads are a lot less reliable that any coils which last so long they are often forgot about
Nigel Atkins

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