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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carb leaking in my 1976 Midget Zenith......

Hi Guys,
I'm the guy that put in a new diaphragm and started some problems for myself. I'm pretty sure I have an ignition switch problem, intermittent, that I will deal with later.
I put in a new carb diaphragm and played with the needle adjustment. I must have goofed something up. Now I have a gas leak out the air intake of the carb.
Could I have opened the needle too far ?
I was only turning a bit at a time. How do I properly adjust this?
I just tweaked the timing a bit and it's running fairly well, but I pulled in the garage and started to smell gas. I have the air filter off and gas was coming out the air intake and hitting the exhaust pipe. pretty dangerous.
Jeepers, I used to be able to solve problems on these cars, now I seem to create them.

Paul W 1976 1500

I just closed the needle down, clockwise, and after a few minutes, the gas in no longer coming out. At least I think so, it may have slowed to a crawl. I put a paper towel in the intake, I'll see if it soaks up. The previous couple of paper towels did.
Paul W 1976 1500

OK, now I opened the needle about a 1/4 turn and fired up the engine. The idle was cut way down, but it seemed to run really well, and no gas coming out of the carb. I had the needle open about 3/4 of a turnand that has to be too much.
I'll have to see what happens when cold. I probably won't get back to it until tomorrow. I have to get over to my parents house. They're celebrating 65 years of marriage today. Who get's to do that ?
Thanks for the help I get here guys, I appreciate it.
And Clare, there's no doubt I NEEDED that diaphragm. As I said, I got stuck in so many places last year. I'm starting right up now.
Paul W 1976 1500

The leak would be at the float valve, unrelated to your diaphragm work. After the float valve has been cleaned and checked (or replaced), you will need to bend the tab on the float and measure the height with a ruler. Also make sure that there is no O-ring leak on the float cover if it has a removable cap.
Glenn Mallory

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