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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - carb overhaul

Hi can anyone recommend soemone who can overhaul my twin SU's, they have a number of problems, the most serious being the choke mechanism will not return the jets to their mixture settings I think through worn linkages etc. I would rather pay someone who is competent than blunder about in the dark myself.


P Bromley

Deb evans at pristies race engines, or Peter Burguess of Peter Burguss tuning will certianly know who to talk to If They wont do it them selfs. Id certianly ask if they can or get a recommendation from them of who they use

Both carry a high level of respect and recognition for there craft and skill with in the midget race community

they both hang out here on the BBS fairly often.


Burlen fuel systems are the best. They come back as new (if you can afford it!)
d cusworth

Hey Paul, got any relatives over on this side of the pond? Bromley is my wife's family name- sometimes it's a small world. donsmidget at yahoo dot com
don g

>>>>(if you can afford it!)<<<<<<

Thats the hard part, no matter where you take them...LOL

Prop..., R.I.P. My skinny little hippster back pocket wallet.

Burlen are the recognised company but I had mine (on my MGA) completely refurbished a few months ago by Bob West who are a highly reputable MGA dealer. The price was fine and the turn around was very much quicker.
Good luck
Graham M V

Do have a good look around for a new pair - or consider a change to Webers - as well as finding out how much it costs to do a recon.

Check your carbs have the correct return springs...

Anthony Cutler

Thanks to all,

I have traced my problems to the waxstat jets (1327) which are hopeless at regaining their position. After advice I have decided to convert the carbs to the original jets and choke system and have ordered all the parts and overhaul parts to do so. I am going to have a go myself as I would like the satisfaction of doing it now that I know what the issue is.

Let you know how I get on fingers crossed.

Best wishes

P Bromley


On starting to strip my carbs the front one has been leaking dashpot oil into the intake, it has run down the butterfly and is pooled in the intake. Is there a seal which prevent this or is it symptomatic of greater induction problems !
Gonna have fun with this I can see LOL

P Bromley


make sure its not oil vapor being sucked into the carbs via the crank case evac hose on the front of the timing cover

What do you do if it is? I think I have this in my carbs. I have a little oil in them and assumed I had filled the dashpots up too much, although I was sure I hadn't. Engine oil via the breather sounds more likely now.
D Brown

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