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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carb settings

I have just been helping a friend trying to start a 1500 midget which has not been started for 7years. We managed to get it running for about a minute or so but it would not start again. On stripping the carbs HS 4s we noticed that the needles are a loose and not a rigid fit. Is this normal? Also the tops of the jets are some way down from the bridge once again is this normal? I would have though this would have caused flooding. There appears to be plenty of fuel being pumped to the carbs. Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks Mike
mrm goslin

if it ran for a minute and its getting fuel flowing thur the carb look at other causes of engine starting failure

are you sure you still have blue fire at the plugs...not the leads...but the plugs themselves

check your valves that they are not sticking

check your compression at need around 130 psi minume

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes the needles should be a little mobile sideways - called bias - helps to ensure they self centre and don't bind etc.

Yes the jets should be down from the bridge - seem to remember about 8 flats is a starting point - but if it ran O.K leave them alone.

Check for muck in the float chambers and as Prop has stated check you have a good spark.
Check the points are clean and open/close with correct gap as engine is turned over by hand - often crudded up after storage.

richard boobier

have a look at the Driver's Handbook for all about the carbs, if your friend hasn't got a copy then it's well worth him getting a copy as it gives so much information some of which he may have forgotten in 7 years, even if he intends to sell the car straight away the Driver's Handbook will still help him (and the buyer) - Ref 0058 only 8 -
N Atkins

Mine did that after being quite seriously stuck in one place in one cylinder, I just sprayed in more easystart and topped up the float chambers manually. After 3 or 4 short engine runs of a few minutes (without the engine allowed to get too hot over 3 or 4 days) I just dispensed with the easy start. Now runs OK ish on the road and I am going to give it the timing, clearance and carb works this weekend if warm enough out in the workshop.

My advice is go with Props diagnosis. Plus make sure the pump is pumping fuel consistently. It took my pump the 4 days to get itselfe going (fuel everywhere when it did) so best no hot engine.
Dave Squire - Notts

As well as checking the float chambers for debris, check the little tubes that run from the float chambers to the jets. And the jets themselves. They do get clogged as well.
Guy W

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