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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carb springs and things

Attached photos of my carb set up for comment: Spring types, locations, and linkages, before I tighten everything and fire up.

R C Skerritt

Here is another view

R C Skerritt

too shiny!

No throttle cable

And no choke cable either ;-)

...other than the aforementioned, fine!
Dave O'Neill 2

Sorry, i'll chuck a bucket of muck over it!
I was thinking in terms of the throttle quadrant, ive seen the mounted the other way around.

R C Skerritt

Looks OK to me. I would have the nuts uppermost on the throttle linkage so its easier to tighten/slacken them when adjusting
Bob Beaumont

Too many carburettors.....HIF44 all the way!

You've got it right
The end of the 'quadrant' pokes out and rests against the choke shaft as a stop, held there by the centre spring, then you set your idle speed and balance and then adjust the levers to match the carburettors to get an even pull on both and a minimal clearance on the levers against the slots in the carb levers --there needs to be clearance here to allow the carbs to return to their idle position properly

William Revit

The alternatives.

R C Skerritt

Image A is the correct set up.

Bob Beaumont

I've always set them as described earlier-- but I stand to be corrected-looking at it they could go either way and doing a bit of research it appears that there is a measurement-.012" for having it round the other way to use the heatshield as the throttle stop
I think I'll keep doing it the other way--MGB's are like this as well


William Revit

Well, my thanks to everyone. I think i'll do it by the book, as originally intended.
R C Skerritt

I have always found when I'm taking something apart or will be a while before I get around to reassembling, pictures before and during, drawings and paper tags are my best friends.

Well, providing the work was done right by the DPO if there was one.

Clare Ravenwood

Check the MG OC Spares site:

Ctrl + to zoom in.

Part number 13.

It looks as though the book says it's Option A.


(Ctrl - to zoom back out!)
Colin Mee

I found this in an an often quoted book (for MK3 Midget in this case), the book seems to be full of very useful information, I believe you can still buy new copies of them for many models including AH Sprites.

Nigel Atkins

Ah yes! The factory shop manual. Definitely worth investing in even if you don't do the repair yourself.

I have 2. One for the reference shelf and one for working on the car if I need to have the book handy. Got one from the local library when they were taking some books out of circulation. Got it for less than a coffee and Chelsea bun!

A picture is worth a 1000 words at times.

Clare Ravenwood

1000 words? - Is that the number of words obliterated by the picture in Nigel's added extract from his legendary book?

this is not for the factory Workshop Manual it's from the Driver's Handbook.

Bob was asking about the points covered by bullet points 18,19 and 20 hence the illustration covers the other points.

Yet further conformation especially as Bob wants to "do it by the book", and what finer book is there.
Nigel Atkins

Nigel, I was puzzled by the picture apparently printed over the text and thought at first that you had got hold of a rare misprinted copy. But I guess now that you have somehow pasted the illustration in over the text with some sort of photo editing programme. I can never get them to do that - when I have attempted that sort of thing it always makes the underlying text jump out of the way and the formatting goes all haywire.


You must to trying to put an image onto a text document.

What Nigel has done is to put an image on top of another image.
Dave O'Neill 2

Maybe that is it Dave, but if I insert an image it either replaces the one already there entirely, or displaces it further down -or up - the page. I was making a mild jest of the "picture worth a 1000 words", but that effect of Nigel's isn't something I have mastered. Though this failure doesn't seem to have had a major impact on my life - or on anything really. I suppose it may have shifted a black hole somewhere by a light year or so but not so that anyone would ever notice.

The sun is shining here in Cumbria today again. That's 2 days in a row!

Guy you are right the sun is shining here in the Lakes, and its forecast not rain again until tomorrow afternoon,that will be 2 1/2 days in a row could this be a record.
Andy Tilney

The handbook has a lot of information that's true, Nigel. Both are invaluable to a Sprite/Midget owner though.

Clare Ravenwood

3 problems

1. By reversing the throttle linkage backwards it create a hinging effect where the trottle cable meets the the plate and your cable will snap off in a few 1000 miles

2. You need a spring on the front carb for the choke other wise it wont fully return and you will be running extra rich wt normal operation temp

3. Wrong springs... im not sure why this is a problem or if its Moss only apecific. They are way to short and put alot of strain on the carbs. And will cause alof of butterfly shaft wear and stress out your throttle cable

I purchased new springs from moss 2 years ago and like yours where way to short... isent them back and got the same one returned. I ended up going to local hardware store and making my only need enough spring tention to make the linkage operate smoothly which isnt much... it dosnt need to double as a mouse trap.

You want just enough tension to hold everything togather and slughtly shut when the engine is at temp..a little bit more then giggle, less then tight just snug happy

Goldie locks

1 Paper

Another note

something i do on my thottle linkage to make adjustment a Breeze

Go to a bicycle shop ... they make a brake adjuster screw and nut combo this combo fits into the heat shield supported on the nut and adjusted so the nut is fully wound up

Then the whole cable fits into the top of the adjuster screw then just the inner cable goes thur the screw and the heat shild and attaches to the throttle linkage very loose...

to adjust simply screw the nut (that sits on top of the heatshild down to adjust the throttle tention and use your feeler guage to get the correct gap between the throttle linkage and the heat shield...

DONE !!! no fiddlY back and forth trial and error to get the trottle linkage tension set correctly.

I WANT to say that little brake adjuster screw / nut combo was $3.00 used

1 Paper

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