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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carb springs; there are three?

I only have one return spring on my carbs on the accelerator but there are three in the kit. Anyone able to explain where the other two hook from and too or got a pic please?
Dave Squire (1500)

One off the bottom of the throttle linkage, and one for each choke linkage. Without the latter choke ones the choke may not properly return when you push the dashboard control back in, and you then get erratic engine running problems, rich mixture, poor fuel economy . . .
Guy W

I thought that may be the case, I see the holes for attachment. When the top nearside trunnion (don't go there; great weather and no car!) is back together with a new pin later today I will put new spring set on and I wouldn't be surprised if my smell goes away.
Thanks Guy.
Dave Squire (1500)

It's a long time since I looked at 1500 carbs, but - if the set-up is the same as A-series - the two outer springs go the the butterfly mechanisms, not the choke. If they are missing, your tickover may be erratic.
Dave O'Neill2

Whoops! Dave, have I got that the wrong way round then? 2 to throttles and one to choke? Now you cast doubt on it I cannot remember which way round it is! Long time; parted company with my 1500 was nearly 15 years ago now.
Guy W

There must be a pic somewhere; I'll search the archive. LoL.
Dave Squire (1500)

Id think a 3rd.spring would go to the throttle cable linkage and a 4th spring on the front carb at the choke linkage....

But im just guessing at that

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

why not look in the ... Driver's Handbook

or even, if you must, a Haynes

if David Smith was here he'd know
Nigel Atkins

this might help i think later 1500 only had one spring as choke had there own return springs on carbs

mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

Yes, definitely three springs there.

The lower central spring is on the throttle linkage, whereas the two upper springs go to each of the butterfly operating arms.

The latter two are fitted below the carbs on A-series engines.
Dave O'Neill2

1978 carb set up

mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

Hey Mark,

That's it! I do believe you are correct. There are no places to connect choke springs on the choke spindle or associated arms of my 78 on the top and I am sure the chokes returned OK previous to HGF without these springs.

My choke does not return very easily on its own now but there are definitely springs 'built in' that operate when I give it all a nudge. I must have reassembled it different somehow after HGF and re balance or muck got in choke pivot points during my headlong rush to get car back together. Or did I allow the springs to 'unwind'. I was too busy checking HG was OK to worry about cleaning and concentrating on carbs at the time. (I tend to clean things while they are apart usually but wanted to get car back on the road pronto).

Thanks for pics, diagrams, and all your help. Its good to have the mind at rest. I will check 'inbuilt' return springs next. That's great.

PS you need to show us the progress on that gorgeous red coloured motor you have been reassembling.
Dave Squire (1500)

hi dave

just fitting roof then mot and hopefully on the road had it 7 years next week never driven it, bought it in boxes will update my photos soon
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

Hey Mark, that's great, look forward to your post of passed MOT and the video!

And re the choke: After the HGF I must have put the choke connecting rod and clamps back too precisely so they were binding on the carb choke control levers / in their sockets / whatever. The return springs couldn't overcome the resistance. Just made a spring bracket to put a separate spring on. Unclamped, and re-clamped to put the bracket on and its allowing a bit of play and it all works fine now without the extra spring. Just goes to show that sometimes precision engineering is not where its at :-)

Choke works fine now without the extra spring.

All those other midget version pics with multiple long springs really got me going.

Thanks for the pics and descriptions Mark, couldn't have sorted it without them.

Cheers, Dave
Dave Squire (1500)

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