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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carbonflo- unleaded additive?

Hi all,
As my mk III head is a leaded head, I will probably get it converted to lead free at some stage in the future, but has anyone come across or used "Carbonflo"?
Cheers colin
colin frowen

don't worry about driving your car without lead, just drive it, you're more likely to have other problems on the car that need your attention more for a long time before you need worry about the lead in the head

that's my belief, you may chose another belief there are loads out there to choose from
Nigel Atkins

Hi Nigel,
You know, I think on reflection you're absolutely correct!
Driving a mk III midget with the top thing you can do with your clothes on! ( sod the lead......)
cheers :-)
colin frowen

The absence of lead will only very slowly cause the valves to reces in th head.
I did 20000km on an unleaded head and it looked fine.

So yes enjoying the midget is a better option than worry about additives
Onno K

IF the valve seats do recede, you can then think about converting it.
Dave O'Neill2

you've worried me by putting that but thinking about what you've put yes, a lot less worry and a lot more fun seem a pretty good idea :)
Nigel Atkins


I wouldn't worry about it, it will take ages for any recession to begin if ever using u/l fuel.

They* say that any head that ran WITH 4* (leaded) petrol will have had its valve seats treated with lead from the TE-lead that was in the fuel and is unlikely to need more work unless the seats get reworked.

Carbonflo has been tested by car mags and motoring organisations...

No-one went on to endorse the stuff, that I can remember.

Personally I don't see how dumping metal slugs in the tank can replace the liquid tetra-ethyl lead that refineries used to put in petrol for us.

But its your money, I prefer putting mine in the tank as petrol (I use 95 RON, but higher numbers for track days)

*they? no specific "they! but it has been said round here for years.

I believe 'em.

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