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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Carhoodz carpets

Has anyone had a carpet made by ebay seller "Carhoodz"

I had their sample through the post and the quaility of carpet looks excellent - but if anyone has any experience of sizing? or stitching etc? I'd be glad to hear it.

C L Carter

I would be interested too, as i am looking for a new carpet set. Do you have a link to the shop?
Pete Ottewell
C L Carter

i have used these for mine and they seem ok also good for under felt etc
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

I wonder if its the same company - they have all the same colours
C L Carter

We got carpets from these people on ebay

They fit realy well, pile is good and they have a more flexible carpet for over the wheel arches. Also got the fittings and sound deadening. Ebay name chartoneauto however the ones from tripar on ebay also look the same. We have a 5 speed and they made the tunnel carpet without a hole for us.

They will send you a carpet sample if you ask.


Mark Turner

I've messaged the guy that makes these carpets
I'm getting him to make me a set got my midget in the gold wool material which is closest to the original ochre I can find , he sends out samples, he's only up the road from me and I'm popping around the next week to have a look and chat to see the quality

Will report bk if wanted
richard weaver

That would be great Richard. He seems very nice by email, which I think goes a long way to saying his carpet will be well made too. Be interesting to hear back what you think.

C L Carter

<< We have a 5 speed and they made the tunnel carpet without a hole for us>>

I hope they didn't charge extra for not having a hole! ;o)
Dave O'Neill2

just to let you know , i visited the gent on friday ,

very nice guy , discussed my needs and he came up with exactly what i need!

he showed me samples of the carpets he makes and they look and feel very good quality!!!

he makes car hoods and tonneaus etc and really knows his stuff! believe hes been doing this for years !

I've placed my order and am really looking forward to getting my ochre- ish carpets from him

will also be getting the hood from him too!!

all my opinion but there we go !
richard weaver


Is this the guy in King's Heath?

I'm trying to sort out a carpet set at the moment, so I might see what they're like.
Dave O'Neill2

thats great feedback richard.?
just want to confirm, is that the ebay guy? or
C L Carter

The guy is located near/in billesley area of Brum, not a million miles from Stratford road , he's the carhoods guy of eBay -
Makes boot carpets too !
I'm going for the wool carpet which is slightly more expensive but is the colour I want and is a very nice feel !

richard weaver

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