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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - castor /camber angle (mini)

ok i know it's not a midget but my son has spent the last 21/2 years building a mini on 10" wheels when he turns the steering full lock to the right the drivers side wheel looks like it's ready to fall off and sitting way in at the top, like it has to much negative camber or castor.When the steering is stright ahead there's no negative camber he has fitted adjustable tie rods and has spacers on the front hubs.any ideas or hints would be good.
gary knowles


I'll have a look later and see what ours does.

I do have a better suggestion though - sell it and buy another midget :D

Hi Peter
you know what it's like when your young can't get insurance for a midget, £750 for a 998 mini and thats on 6000 miles he would like to steer from the rear.How is the development of the rally midget going
and your own products any takers for the under floor protectors.
gary knowles

Hey Gary,

Well there is another thread re. Wills Midget development and updates on the site tonight/tomorrow when i have woken up enough to write something without it taxing my brain too much.

Im not in the Mini today so can't check for you right now, but I will give you a buzz later on and let you know the outcome.

The floor protectors are one of those things we are gonna have to try before we settle on them, we definitely want to give them a go though, just not a huge priority right now though.

Thats a pity about insurance, but you should upload some pics of the Mini - purely due to the fact it is horny looking (sound system aside) :D

Perhaps ring Boo McCurry - he will know if anyone will.


If your saying at full right hand lock the top of the wheel is further in than the bottom and at the straight ahead position the wheel is near vertical then the car has a good deal of CASTOR. this means effectively that the "king pin" (I know the mini does not have a king pin but the top and bottom knuckles are the same thing) is angled forward! The top knuckle is further forward than the bottom. This would be EXACTLY OPPOSITE to what you would want.
The castor angle should be such that the top knuckle is behind (further back) the bottom.
If the other side was assembled the same then on full right hand lock the passenger wheel would be angled out with the top of the wheel being further out than the bottom.

Are you sure you are not opposite to this as that would be great.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Hi Bob
no wheel is in at the top,if i shorting the tie rod that should pull the bottom forward putting the top behind the centre line.
gary knowles

go to a good shop to get the alignment right
had this done when i fitted adjustable tie rods to my mini.
The checked every thing camber castor and toe and was not expensive at all
Onno Könemann

Saw the wee car heading to Lisburn tonight

Sounded great and looked fantastic.

Loving the spots....

This thread was discussed on 25/08/2010

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