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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Cautious starting

Well, for one reason or another, I've not had the midget out for about five weeks. So to be on the safe side(as it usually starts quite easily) I thought I'd spin it up without the plugs in to get the oil pressure up first. As this took about 25 seconds, I thought my action was justified but was I being too cautious?

M J Chapman

If you assume the cranking speed is 100 revs/minute, and the initial start up speed peaks at 1500 rpm, you would probably register pressure in around 1.5 seconds. Seems OK - time it tomorrow when its cold. On the other hand death rattle is very distinctive noise and once heard never forgotten. I once knew a guy who drained the oil in his beloved Cortina, and forgot to fill it up again. He got as far as Manchester (from Newcastle) before the engine seized. I shouldn't worry too much.
f pollock

Five weeks... nah, your fine... these little engine can take alot of abuse

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This thread was discussed on 21/02/2018

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