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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Center Lock Wire Wheels

Hi everyone, long time no post. If this has been answered before then appologies in advance.
Does anybody know of a 14"x5.5j wire wheel for tubeless tyres with the correct offset (or as near as damn it) for the midget on a factory original wire wheel car.
As some of you may or may not recall I have the 14" knock on alloy with 175 tyres already, but am considering switching back as I prefer the look and the lightweight to those already fitted.

brian s

The photo

brian s

Boy are those nice desirable wheels! are you selling them at some point?
Bob Turbo Midget England

I love centre lock alloys, why on earth would you want to change them for all the hassle of wires,?

Dave Barrow


all of the sources I know of who sell wire wheels for Midgets (MGOC, Dayton Wire Wheels, etc), generally sell wire wheels that call for inner tubes

When I spoke with Dayton they said they can make them tubeless now, if desired, but don't show it in their catalog.

Norm Kerr

Brain, good to hear your still alive, missed you at Midget50.
If your into originality im gladly to help you off these "awfull" looking brake pots.
Just send them to Holland and I will throw them away for you ... :)

Arie de Best

Hi guys, yes still alive, however the car needs some work on it now, not used it for 2 years or so, lots going on I'm afraid.
Arie if ever I decide to throw them then you have first shout.
Dave, not sure that I will change them, I just think the wires look better.

Thanks all for the responses so far, I will keep you all up to speed as things progress.
brian s

This thread was discussed on 29/06/2011

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