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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Centre line strip on bonnet (hood)

The car should have a centre embellisher on the bonnet / hood, but of course the shell has no holes for one. So I am now looking for measurements of the position of either the holes or the distance from the nose of the embellisher from the front of the hood / bonnet


Dominic Clancy

The spear placement is more art then science

Because of its shape the spear has its oen sweet spot on the hood / bonnet

Just move the spear around till it fits then tape measure the placment to balance and detail

These spears dont fit exactly from bonnet to bonnet, so its hard to provide exact specs

A wax / grease pencil and cloth tape measure is your best friend

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I guess there's no way you'll be talked out of fitting it so have a look in the Archives as I *think* I've seen measurements given before, I *think* it was here - no promises with my memory
Nigel Atkins

Yes, it wasn't too long ago...but that might be a couple of years.

Was it Greg in Oz again?
Dave O'Neill2

I'm in 100% agreement with Prop on this one; it's not a constant curve front to back so you simply move it around until it feels right, then mark.
David Smith

Fitted on Friday, looks great and breaks up the slab of bonnet very nicely.

Why would anyone not want to fit one if the car had it when new?
Dominic Clancy

well as you ask -

to help prevent potential rust and not putting holes in bonnet comes to mind

personally, and I might not be alone in this as many buyers bought the Sprite version and I accept that that choice might have nothing to do with what follows

the midgets with the spike on the bonnet also had other bright strips, badges and (possibly for the size of the car over large) radiator grille all this embellishment on such a diminutive car might to some eyes look a bit too much

it's your car so you'll quite rightly be doing it to what pleases you

as I've only owned two Spridgets which were both re-bodied Heritage shells I can say that to a purist our cars are not original anyway and I agree with this, but I don't care about it

you want the spike on your bonnet but I know someone who had a very high quality finished (and Heritage re-bodied) Midget that didn't but sold the car with the spike in case the next owner did

originality to how the car was when it left the factory (but better finished of course) is for some but not others, you might not be keeping to the original paint colour and might be adding bright chrome wire wheels that weren't originally the style on the car when new

each to their own
Nigel Atkins


Im a fan of the spear myself ....

It just gives it that scence of something extra without being over the top

Ive got a 71 with a 69 slat grill and the side moulding at the bottom of the sills, and the skinny bumpers and I love it, granted its not correct but its my interpatation of the perfect looking midget... and the next owner can change it back without to much fuss

One thing I did even though mine is inside the shop... I putt a dab of clear gooy silicone on the mounting hardware both inside the spear and the bottom side of the bonnet esp around the hole...that should keep the rust bunnies away at least for alot longer time

Looks like you and I are the odd duck art lovers in the wilderness of the spearless class of common folk...hahaha

Any photos ?? ....perfable not of book burning parties

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I understand the rust avoidance issue, but this car will be kept in a nice dry garage next to my MGA, which hasn't shown any signs of rust over 25 years since it was restored. I don' t expect the car to see much wet weather use, and humidity is generally not a problem here.
Dominic Clancy


Your golden... I dont see any issue at all, enjoy that classy spear...I think wing (fender) lucas mirrors complete the look

The only time is see the spear as a bad idea is a 24/7/365 outside midget in a year round wet enviroment

Did my advice work out okay for you on spear placement, or did you obtain exact specs and measurements recommend convex wing mirrors over flat... just my 2 cents based on hindsight

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

fair enough, you asked ;)

each to there own, it's your car and you're doing all the hard work on it so you can double choose

it's bright red, wire wheels, garaged and not going to see much rain - fits the stereotype

my stereotype is scruffy looking car (and owner), no garage, used in all sorts of weather - it takes all sorts to make up the world
Nigel Atkins


its hard work and expensive to live a pretentious life style

But Im worth it....LOL.

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

yes Prop you definitely are worth it :)
Nigel Atkins

It is actually not my car.

And as far as distances go, how about Nairobi to Cairo in an MGA, I suppose that kind of blows any theory about not using a car much as far out of the water as is humanly possible !
Dominic Clancy

depends - was it it's only journey :)

and the MGA isn't bright red ! :)
Nigel Atkins

The MGA does about 5k km a year, which is about the same as I do in the daily driver. It was my only car for ten years, and it gets used in preference to the other car as long as there is no salt on the road, or there are no long highway stretches (e.g. I am going to a branch office). I was out on Saturday and Sunday once all the cr*p around it from the Midget had been tidied up (we have installed a lot of parts in the last four weeks).

It has a few mods to make it more comfortable to drive : 5 speed gearbox, twin speed wipers from a B, over bored engine and a Judson supercharger, and an aluminium hardtop for the wetter days. It also has disc brakes on the front even though it is a 1500 and had drums originally. It doesn't squeak or rattle anywhere, drives as if it is on rails and goes like the proverbial sh*t off a shovel. It is not a sunny-days-only car at all.
Dominic Clancy

well done Dominic and the A sounds great, you must feel real good when you're out and about in it

my neighbour's mate races his MGAs and once years ago offered to build up an MGA for me but at the time it didn't have enough room for touring for me (well more the wife), we thought about a RV8 installation which would have been fairly rare then
Nigel Atkins

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