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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Challenge Malcom?

To Malcolm Le C.

Not sure what stage your at with your rebuld/renovation Malcolm. But do you fancy a challenge to see who can get road worthy and running ( MOT also) again.. My own goal is for this summer.. !

I have bodywork to finish, rear wing and outer sill, A panel. Engine rebuild and refit with trans. recommission brakes, clutch hydraulics, suspension not sure here......

Whats your list ?

By the time this is done no money left so the challenge is purely for honours and to spur us along to finish ! What say you ?
John Barber

er, I think Malcolm has a more relaxed schedule

was it you John that was going to do the web site of miscellaneous Spridget information Ė if not donít worry Ė if it was I put up a thread for the Archives on firing order which you can have for yours and the 123 dissy replacement cap and rotor and another one Iíve forgotten now
Nigel Atkins

I was and have started in small way - but I have probably chosen a naff freeview site - take a look

More of a resto site at the momemnt - but I still think there is some value in it if enough people contribute as they go could become a useful reference..

I haven't fished around for better sites yet - but content ( photos) are still mounting...

Let me know if you think its worth pursueing
John Barber

ha ha ha, it will be a challenge for me for sure! My current optomistic estimate is to be rebuilding come Autumn this year. You want to know the list? Do you have all evening? ha ha.

Passenger side: Few bits of welding left, A post repair, outer sill, rear spring hanger repair, rear wing repair, toeboard.
Driver side: Floor, chassis rail repair, cross member/jacking point, repairs to front of footwell, front inner wing, front inner triangular structure bit. Inner and outer sill, rear wing, A post.

Phew... then paint the lot!

Then in terms of the mechanicals. I only have the engine, the back axle, back suspension and back brakes to clean up and overhaul.

Then I obviously need to screw it all back together installing lots of other new stuff along the way (brake lines etc)! Hopefully this should be the easy bit though and it will all screw back together in a weekend! Heres hoping!

Then there will be all the fiddley bits that get forgotten.

Game on!!!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

thermometerhat you mean about the site but it
Nigel Atkins

Malcolm I have a slight advantage I feel - but lets see how it goes - my next round is getting the block cleaned and starting re-assembly - new bearings and head fixed ( see crack thread) ..

Nigel I agree they are better sites - I am wondering if I should find a better site before I build more in..
John Barber

I kind of want to refresh the engine as I have no idea of its history. But at the same time I think... its expensive and will take a lot of time.

I kind of know already (as the process has already begun) that I will take a few bits off and before I know it it will be totally in pieces all over the flat! :-)

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I've never had a site but I think that anything free might be limited but you can still get a lot on them

next step I think (I don't know) is a yealyr charge for a site that gives you more but obviously you're paying for that each and every year

but a free site is like any low budget film or TV program it doesn't have to be flashy if the content is good

a site with good text and a few photo is just as good

as web sites I don't think any of the three are particulary that the Car Bibles is possibly the best but all three are chockier (is there such a word) full of good information
Nigel Atkins

John, I like a challenge but there is no need to play dirty...

My girlfriend reckons she saw a mouse in the flat, so now I have to turn the place upside down mouse hunting rather than working on the car.

What are you going to send to distract me next? A plauge of locusts? Come on, play fair!

ha ha ha! I am joking of course (well, not the gf thinking she saw a mouse bit!)

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Ha ha, my dasterdly plan has already taken effect. The mouse in question was in fact previously living for many years under my midget hood folded behind the passenger seat. Until very recently - when I covinced him to do my bidding with a rather large slice of Gorgonzola and a small travelling case. Catch him if you can !!!

ON a side note dropped off the engine bits to the local engine rebuilding this morning - also they are going to remachine the seats and insert unleaded bits provided the cracks not too big. I was tempted to ship it off to Mr Burgess - but the cost of shipping and the minimal work route won out I am afraid..

I will let you know what sort of job they do..

Inetrestingly he tok a look at my cam which seems to have pitted lobes - he reckons the top toughened surface has worn through .. So could be a new cam is required..?
John Barber

If you manage to bannish mickey the mouse - next stage of the dasterdly plan is Roger rat who was resident in the workshop over winter - he's holding our for more than cheese though ! Tough negotiator !

Seriously they can be mighty difficut to locate and catch - humane trap with some sort of smelly bait left overnight I find works....

Good luck Malc
John Barber

I am not entirely convinced she saw anything. I think she is going mad. Asked to describe it she said 'it was a brown animal' and had no idea of its size.

Having turned the place upside down and found no evidence of said mouse she then tells me she didn't have her glasses on... she can't see much without them!

Deffinatly interested in your engine rebuild. Still thinking about what to do with mine. I think a lot of it will hinge on what I find when I dismantle. A hotter cam would be fun, but they are fair pricey!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

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