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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - change rear springs again

last July I bought and installed the "1 inch lowered" springs from moss for my 73 midget. I was not happy with them (should never even have installed them).

Anyway, the end result was that the car is higher and the right side is even higher by 1 1/2 inches than the left.

I could even see that they were not well matched before I installed them (the old ones are the same size).

I have several choices now. I tried buying the offset racing springs from but they say that they don't make them anymore. I called Moss and explained to them my problem. They said that quality control out of the Virginia office is not good (california is good).


1) I could try the 2 inch lower moss springs (and make them promise to give me a properly matched set).
2) I could re-install my old ones and use lowering blocks to get the height where I want it.
3) keep looking for someone who sells exactly what I need.

any thoughts on these three options?

R Harvey

It has been discussed before about the quality or lack of the rear springs now available. You might want to consider re-arching your old springs at a spring shop. Most of the shops do large truck springs, ask them if they can do yours.
J Bubela

If your old springs are in good condition and you are happy with how your car rides/handles with them, maybee the lowering blocks are the answer. At least you can measure your ride height and get the blocks to give you exactly the height you want. Cheers Willy

Another option is to modify the front spring mounting to lift the front of the rear spring up as far into the body as you can get it. I think from memory it can go up about 1 1/2 inches, the result of this is a lower ride height by about 7/8" and it stops the tendancy to understeer into a corner. With this mod. you can then run a 3/4" front bar without the usual understeer that comes with this sized bar. Just a thought.


I may know where you might be able to get a set. Shoot me an email and I'll look into it.
Tim Michnay

Hey rebecca,

Here is a company I stumbled acrossed a couple of months ago called Eeaton springs of detroit" they are gaining some noteriaty in the amature race world...But I saw on a forum that they made or are making a pattern of springs for the spridget... they tend to specialise in one-offs and claim to have about 150,000 + spring specs in there data base, it seems they really know there stuff (IMHO)

I think they would easily be worth the dime to call them for a chit chat...if you do let me know how the call went... good or bad.



HUH... i knew i saw a forum for rear springs on a midget from ... eaton springs

here ya go... it was from there forum, May Not (exactly what you wanted in this thread) But I really think they can come up with a personalised solution just for you and your application


There answer do not come as a surprise

As suggested by their Guru they do not have Spridget Springs to sell you, why not? Well because the strip width of Spridget springs is very narrow compared to hundreds of others and so is not readily available.

The easiest solution to sorting springs is to go to a good spring company (Eaton maybe one)(here in the UK I go to a local HGV spring manufacturer) and let them rearch the original springs. I also had an extra leaf added, that helps to strengthen the spring and so keeps its ride height even with a good load of luggage and fuel.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo


I take it because you wanted the offset springs, you are thinking wider tiers and wheels. Do you intend on using this as a street/autocross car, or only for track use? Racing springs will tend to be a bit softer.

The problem with making offset springs is that they have to be cut. frst, a wide spring has to be made and then cut to give the offset. This makes them not very economical to produce. Another alternative is that I've seen some composite springs done, but the rear spring perch has to be moved inboard about 1" to make clearance for wider tires. IIRC you do have a welder, etc. available so I don't think that this would be a huge deal if it's going to be strictly a track car.
Tim Michnay

+1 for re-arching. I took my stock springs to a local Spring-Align shop that does truck springs and they took care of them very nicely for me. Yellow pages are probably your friend.
David "72 Midget" Lieb
David Lieb

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