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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Chasis plate/ vin no.

Hello all

Another little thing lost! No longer have the original chasis plate showing the vin no. for my car 1971 sprite mkiv. Seen loads I can get off the web but can't get anyone to agree the one I should have. If any of you know the wording on the plate that I should have that would be brill as I can't for the life of me remember what it said. I have all the correct paperwork so getting it stamped up should be no problem.

Btw david if you read this thanks for the bolts a snail mail thanks is on the way.

Mark, will this thing ever be ready for a mot, Adams
M Adams

Dohh. meant 1970 not 71
M Adams

My references show that for both the B and the Spridget the chassis plates with separate Austin or MG identities ceased at the end of the 1969 model year thanks to the formation of British Leyland. For 1970 onwards the chassis plate read AUSTIN MORRIS GROUP BRITISH LEYLAND UK LTD. My pick is that this is the one your acr would have had originally, part no CRCP339.
Paul Walbran

Thats great thanks v much paul
M Adams

I'm not saying that's wrong just that, unless I've misread it, on page 110 of Original Sprite & midget The Restorer
Nigel Atkins

timed out before I could add:-

pages 112 and 113 show Australia has having different plates
Nigel Atkins

My info is from a parts book, but no book is error free. Given the inconsistency with Nigel's source, finding an original 1970 model would be a good way to check.
Paul Walbran

I put what was printed not that you was wrong, which you might or moght not be

most of the inconsistancy I've seen or heard about with Terry Horler's book seems to be about chassis number change points but their could be lots more I don't know about

personally as I've not got an original car and have no interest in concours I don't follow these things too closely but as Mark is interested and I'd seen this in the book I thought I ought to just add it

I agree Mark really needs to find an original car or owner with one to take a photo or much more research

at the back of my mind I think something like this has been covered before but not the details (happens a lot to me)

perhaps another thread asking for 1970 Sprite owners with original cars(?)

somewhere someone will know or there'll be a web page on it just a matter of finding them :)

good luck
Nigel Atkins

Hi Nigel

Just to clarify, I'm not into concours either and my car is not original spec in a few ways. Its just that seeing as I have to get a plate anyway I thought I would try and get the right one. I know they look at the car no. during mot but if we cant decide what it should look like I guess the tester wont have a clue, so will probably get one that looks about right for now and change later if it becomes an issue.

M Adams

I have a 1970 Austin Sprite. But I replaced the chassis plate when I rebuilt it because the original numbering was almost indecipherable! When I got the replacement I don't know if I got the "correct" version so no help, sorry. I will still have the original somewhere . . ...


Understood, I was just reflecting that the various books we depend on, including official ones, can have errors in them & it could be either of our books.

As an example of official publication error, I know my copy of the factory MGB manual has an error in the chassis dimensions, found after much time trying to set up a brand new chassis rail after a rally roll-over. I assumed it was the car but then (after much time) realised that the discrepancy in the particular dimensions was between points on the new member, not it and the rest of the car. It appears to me the inch fractions were transposed as if they were swapped around everything was perfect.
Paul Walbran

Hi Paul and Mark, sorry on rereading my rushed post it appears a bit pompous it wasn't meant to be

totally agree about errors in even factory publications - I meant to mark one up in the factory Parts Catalogue but didn't and now can't remember what it was

I think unless the MoT tester has an original 1970 Sprite he wont know the excact plate appearance

if I remember more details (sometimes happens but rarely) I'll post

so far I've found my reprint of the factory owner's Handbook to be very accurate, in fact that gives me an idea
Nigel Atkins

you could have a look at this site and contacting them for info

PS my idea came to nothing
Nigel Atkins

Sorry to bring back a dead thread but just wanted to add this out of interest.

I was having my regular drive mot'd yesterday and got chatting to the tester about my vin plate for the sprite. Bear in mind that this is a long established mot specialist with a good reputation. The tester looked carefully at the instructions for testers and then told me that a car registered before 1980 does not legally require a vin no. fitted anywhere. Which came as quite a surprise to me.

M Adams

When my VIN plate was damaged in the course of some welding(not by me) I went to Moss, took the old one with me, gave them the chassis number and they made me one up while I waited. I've just Googled them and they still list them. Type in "chassis plate" under your particular car's section and it will come up.

b higginson

1971 Austin Sprite, original VIN Plate. HTH.

Tricia Marshall

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