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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - CHASSIS NUMBERS

my midgets chassis number is vurtually unreadable what should the start of it be, it is a 1970 mk 111 square wheel arch model .

This was a change over year. It should be GAN4 if the chassis number is 74885 or less. It should be GAN5 if the number is 74886 or higher. That information came from the Moss catalogue. I hope its right.
Mike Howlett

agree although the change was actually around November / December 69 at the factory. I know of a GAN5/ car registered on 1 Jan 70.
David Smith

Mike. Agree with your chassis numbers, but just looked in T. Horlers book which gives the change date as Sept/Oct '69. I suppose DJ's car could be a '69 car that had been standing around in a showroom for a while.
DJ. What does it say on the reg document, assuming you have it?

b higginson

It may be helpful to know whether it is the facelift version with slim bumpers...assuming that it is fairly original.
Dave O'Neill 2

Am I missing something here, the chassis number should be on your V5C or do you mean body number?

er, just seen Bernie's post - so I'll second on your V5C if you've got it
Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 23/10/2010

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