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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Choke cable re-attach

After taking the carburetter end of the choke cable out of its clamp a la SU manual I have done everything else except manageing to put this back in the clamp. Is there a way to do it that I am missing that is simples? Or is it just persevere with frayed cables and bleeding fingers?

I could do with knowing if the clamp is suppoed to come out of the choke arm assembly or is it pressed in for life? It would be good to get the clamp out at least to see if its got a clear hole.

I am making such a pigs ear of this cable end I am worried I won't be able to use the car on Monday.

Any ideas appreciated.
Dave Squire

if the cable is frayed then things are more difficult than they need be, not done a 1500 but I can't think that's it's a difficult job just perhaps awkward, keep trying, remove air filter box and use some long nose pliers to make things easier
Nigel Atkins

Hi Nigel, the clamp was split but very difficult to see. Managed to get it out (it split and splayed at the wire side theirfire mangalling wire and not clamping when I thought it should) have managed to do temporary fix to get by well enough for now. Another part just hanging on from the lay over.
Its a learning curve I know but another thing sorted in the brain.
Thanks, If the clamp had not been split it would have been easy.
Top still down and traffic lite so off for a test of the carbs.
Dave Squire

What a strange coinsidence, I bought one this morning simply because the freyed end is nye on impossible to get back in the tiny hole in the clamp. About 9 from Sussex classic car parts.
What with all that grief. Nine quid didn't seem so bad. Like yours, mine was Ok apart from the freyed end.
Nigel Axtell

When you cut the end of a cable or to stop it fraying dip it in some soldering flux then run a little solder into the end of the cable. The small gas torch soldering irons are good for this. And it saves all the problems of re-assembly.
I Pickering

Unfortunately I tried and mine didn't want to do the solder bit so wondering what it is made of. Its a PO part so no provenance. Mind you I don't have a gas solder iron which would burn off any contaminants. There is a lot of old oil and dirt that I am slowly removng from parts in the engine bay. That could be the problem.
Dave Squire


Youre right, its very difficult to solder old cable that have been oil soaked.
I've cleaned with all sorts of thinners prior to fluxing / soldering - very hit and miss for me.

richard boobier

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