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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Choosing exhaust and silencer

I quickly browsed throughout the archives but man if you don't know what to look for it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

I've purchased a maniflow header and am now about to buy what i need to build my exhaust. The car is a frog with 1275 engine.

I saved my old exhaust to use the shape as a template to make a new one but my dad thought it was junk and threw it away.

Is it much beneficial to buy a complete system with a silencer or just purchase pipe and silencer separately to save money?

I've heard of people using a harley of bike muffler on spridgets to gain more clearance, anyone have experience with this?

I'd like to be able to enjoy my car for long drives but still have a satisfying sound, so what silencer and diameter of pipe is to prefer?

Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

For pipe diameter I just continued on with the same as the header 1 3/4 inches I think, then made up a pipe and finished off with a silencer of a Kawasaki zx10. 10 off ebay. I will try to find a photo.

if you find a photo that'd help, or if you have a link to the silencer, when i search for kawasaki zx10 i only find more expensive options. How does it sound, satisfying? Loud?
Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

I am very happy with the sound, the silencer I got was a standard zx10 which the guy had changed for an aftermarket item and had then sold the bike, many of the modern bikes use a single silencer and have power outputs we are unlikely to reach so I figured they would not be restrictive. You could broaden your search to motorcycle silencer but do check that they use a single not twin system.


L just love the noaie the RC40 silencer makes; really burbly but with a growl when you wind it up!
Kim at Magic midget can help you out with a system to fit your Maniflow header.
Jeremy Tickle

As mine is an RWA I went with the cross the rear type - Maniflow made this one - heavy duty single rear box only to suit the Maniflow long centre branch.
Its got a good sound, but still O.K on longer runs.

And no issues with clearances to tank/springs etc !


richard boobier

I got my single box and pipe direct from maniflow who were fantastic to deal with. I'm not sure it's as nice a sound as an rc 40 but again relatively easy to fit and not expensive given it was made to order. Certainly a lot better than the Moss "sports" exhaust it replaced. It sounded "sporty" (read effing loud) only because the baffles lasted about 5 minutes. It's still cluttering my garage of anyone wants it!

Is the standard shape of the pipe different between different marks of cars or the same throughout out the years?

I saw that manifold offers a "over the rearaxel" type system for clearance, is this much beneficial or only more pricey?
Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

I can recommend Magic Midget. Kim Dear was very helpful on the phone and I subsequently bought a single box Maniflow silencer from him. It came with the main pipe which fitted well to the unknown LCB manifold on my 1275 Sprite. It's a bit tight around the rear end but, even though clearances are tight it doesn't catch anywhere. It seems a bit long at the back and extends to just beyond the bumper so I'm considering shortening the tail pipe a bit after I've checked that all the other joints are fully in place.

The old, across the back system, patched up with tin cans gave a reading of 89DB when sound checked at a hillclimb. The straight through system has a deeper note, which we rather like, but it gives exactly the same 89DB reading when tested (except for the 91DB when I blipped the throttle a bit too much!).
Colin Mee

another vote for Kim Dear of Magic Midget -
Nigel Atkins

I'd be careful not to shorten the tail pipe too much otherwise the back of your car will get ingrained or a film over it of the muck that comes out of the very end of the exhaust
Nigel Atkins

Good point Nigel.

I'm hopeless at cutting things straight and square and I'd be bound to end up cutting off more than originally intended as I try to tidy up a wonky cut. I don't really want to drive round in a Sprite with a dirty backside!
Colin Mee

Whatever you choose don't forget to richen the fuel mixture. I ddin't and it wasn't until someone here (Lawrence or Guy IIRC) suggested it, that the additional performance was released. A single flat was enough.
Jeremy Tickle

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