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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Chris Buvkhenham 1275 Clutch carbon release

As Dave says, new thread needed.

Hi Chris.

Sorry about the misspelling of your name. Typo :-

No there aren't many nos carbons for the 1275 left out there. And the replacements are all, from my research, incorrect in one way or another.

I have a new one from Sussex.
There's a good amount of carbon in it, but,
1-- the lug offset is wrong,
2 -- it's partly held in the carrier with a roll pin,
3-- the width of the carrier is too great, so it doesn't fit properly in the clutch fork without either bending the fork, or filing the carrier.

So who knows if it will last long if used. I'll get arounf to testing it one day.

In the interval, I've made my own roller bearing, using a ford Sierra roller, fitted to a home made carrier.

it mates directly to the original 1275 clutch face bearing. NOT the fingers, no need to remove the clutch bearing face.

I can report it is working very well.

So Chris. If you can make a cheap roller conversion that does the same as mine, or better still, reproduce the original carbon to the original spec, all will be well again.

Lawrence Slater

I welded lugs onto the carrier I made, and it fits like a glove in the standard clutch fork. So it can easily be swapped for the original carbon when/if available.

Lawrence Slater

Here it is in situ showing the roller flat against the original thrust pad on the 1275 clutch.

But most people won't want to fart around doing this.

There are roller conversions out there, but they aren't that cheap, and problems have been reported with them. Mostly I think becasue they are top heavy.

They extend too far, mine is quite low profile, but still not as low profile as the original carbon.

That's the point of the offset lugs. And that's the major failing of the current carbon offerings for 1275's I think.

Lawrence Slater

To be more precise, what's being sold as 1275(GRB107), is in fact 1098(GRB102), with a roll pin to hold the carbon in place.

Here's the comparison, new incorrect one against an old original one, with the carbon missing.

Lawrence Slater

I should add though. Borg and Beck sell the correct carbon release. BUT, you have to buy the whole clutch kit (B&B kitHK9632) to get it. They don't sell it as a separate item.
Lawrence Slater

Nice bit of detective work Lawrence and respect for the engineering of your roller bearing. It's a pity the manufacurers/retailers can't come up with something of similar quality.

Jeremy Tickle

Thanks for dignifying my diy bit of metalworking as "engineering" Jeremy. I wouldn't be so bold. lol. But it does work. :).

As B&B have told me they sell the correct carbon in the kit, either they have plenty of old stock, or they are having it made. They wouldn't tell me that bit.

So yup indeed, we need an independent retailer to start supplying the correctly spec'd 1275 carbon release again.


Lawrence Slater

I have a NOS which I've probably had for 20 years.

They do come up on fleabay occasionally, but a lot of what is claimed to be NOS is not that old!
Dave O'Neill 2

For 6 quid, this part worn correct 1275 spec carbon release looks worth the money.

I'd ask for a decent profile picture to confirm the spec, though it looks right to me.
Lawrence Slater

Hmmm, someone bought it only 28 minutes after your post!
Dave O'Neill 2

Do I get commission? lol.
Lawrence Slater

That was me Lawrence , always helpful to have a few examples to work from.


C H Buckenham

Ha. Glad it was you Chris. I'm sure we all hope to see the finished new product on your website soon then. :).
Lawrence Slater

Inspired by Lawrences roller release i had to try and make one.
This is a LUK 500 0071 10 release bearing for Ford.
Complete it weighs 235gm whereas a carbon is 210gm and a Peter May 390gm.
The support i have made of 0.125 mild steel. The lugs are offset to give 1in from centreline to top of roller face as per the 1275 carbon. It uses the earlier spring clips to fix upon the yoke.
The backplate is held to the roller by the original, but reduced, spring clips.
This is, of course, untested as I still have 'meat' on my carbon thrust.
Total 4 pics.

Alan Anstead


Alan Anstead


Alan Anstead

(4) & last

Alan Anstead

I like it Alan. V/quick, since you combined it with decorating too. :).

I didn't think to weigh mine, but yours looks lighter. And lower profile too.

Those carriers are metalised plastic and are very rigid. So pretty much all the force is carried by the lugs. The rest of the securing plate, just holds the LUK(in your case) in place.

I'm confident it will work.

So, is this going to become a commercial going concern?


Lawrence Slater

Not I !
It would seem to be suitable for mass production.
Alan Anstead

I feel a Mascot article coming on.....:0)
G Lazarus

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