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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - chrome moulding strips

Hi, Having real grief trying to fit the chrome side mouldings to my 67 newly painted (3months ago) midget, rather than use pop rivets to fit clips Ive used tiny machine screws and nyloc nuts, no problems there, but the trims do not want to clip on!!when i tried to clip on a clip on the bench it refused to go inside the moulding,these are new repro clips,i found a couple of old bmc clips and thes went on with no problem,just wondered if anyone has any bright ideas or has fitted these trims a different way, Im desperate not to damage my new paint. If anyone has some original bmc clips Id certainly buy them. Cheers Martin.
m a frame

must admit that after I had expereinced the same problem I resorted to using the small fixers with nuts on them instead, all the way along.
David Cox

I have just fit mine on the sills with new clips and pop rivets the strip went on with a little fiddling and a gentle tap with a rubber mallet . I just hooked the top over the little prongs and the bottom clipped in wit a little tap.
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

Many thanks for replies had thought of using the stud plates but they are 80p each x 40 = £32!!!!!(still better than paint damage)probably a bit easier on the sills as they are a more solid area to give a little bash too, the doors especially are a bit too springy to get too forceful, any more ideas before i spend £32(anyone know where they can be bought a bit cheaper?) Cheers Martin.
m a frame

Could have a look on ebay
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

If I remember correctly the clips are not even both sides and the larger side should go to the top. Then as Mark says hook the top on first and the bottom should then snap in with just thumb pressure. Likewise to remove them release the bottom first.

T Mason

I had to "adjust" the clips with a plier (just a light pinch top to botom)then it went on like clock work
Onno Könemann

I'm not going to fit them at all on my '66. Just another rust trap. I don't have them on my BGT either.
Mike Howlett

They look good and when fitted with enough waxoil it will not rust before the rest of the car does
Onno Könemann

Thanks for all the replies, I tried Onno"s way and found they go on with no problem!!Cheers Onno.(Cant believe i didnt think of it!!)
m a frame

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